Lost Your Phone? A Tip To Help Get It Back

These days, we most of us now carry a portable device. Mobile Phones have many features that assist us with our day to day.
However, with busy, stressful days and other circumstances, we may get into a bit of a pickle…
Lost Your Phone? A Tip to help get it back is right here!

anu hack gets a detailed report

ANU Hack of 2018 gets a Detailed Report – It all came from one Email

With the release of a 5,000-word report, the public can see for the first time how sophisticated and extensive the attack on the ANU was, starting late 2018.

Without clicking on a link, opening an attachment, just simply previewing the email, a sophisticated Cyber Attack gained access to private information of potentially high-ranking officials in Australia and across the globe.

More than 419 Million Phone Numbers Exposed by Facebook Database

More than 419 Million Phone Numbers and ID’s were exposed by a Facebook Database that had no password protecting the data.

Security Breach on WhatsApp Discovered

Security Breach on WhatsApp Discovered

WhatsApp urges users to update their app after a serious Security Breach was discovered.

Data Breach

Data Breach Exposes 500 Million Hotel Guests

A Data Breach Exposes 500 Million Hotel Guests from one of the largest brands in the World that includes personal information and maybe Payment Details.

Preview a Clients Custom PC Build

Hello everyone. We did a recent PC Build for a client that we wanted to give you a little look into. The client wanted something simple yet powerful enough to play some of the recent games out today. First off is the Chassis. This one is by Deepcool. It is a simple yet elegant Case [...]

Anti-Virus and Why we Need them

Anti-Virus… Everyone talks about it, everyone has opinions about it… “It will never happen to me.” “I won’t click on anything I don’t recognize.” “Only uneducated computer users get viruses.” “I/You don’t need to pay for antivirus software.” Do any of these statements sound familiar?

Samsung Note 9 May Not Be Cracked Up To Be?

It looks like the Samsung Note 9 may not be cracked up to be. Twitters “Ice Universe” – a well known Smartphone Leaker believes that the Galaxy Note 9 will likely be hardly any different from the Note 8. Read More on CPKN Computers.

Telstra Demonstrates the Future of Wireless

Telstra Demonstrates the Future of Wireless

With the help of eSports Team – The Chiefs, Telstra Demonstrates the Future of Wireless with its new 5G Network System at Telstra’s 5G Innovation Centre on the Gold Coast. Read more from CPKN Computers.

Apple Payment Scam

SCAM ALERT: Apple Payment Scam has been making its rounds again via an Email claiming you ordered something. Read more at CPKN Computers. Be safe when Surfing the Web.

Wifi has been Compromised

Wifi has been Compromised

It’s being called “Black Monday” in many information security circles. This major Wi-Fi vulnerability announced affects absolutely every device that supports Wi-Fi. The vulnerability allows attackers to decrypt WPA2 connections.

New Ransomware "Petya" Affecting Systems Globally

New Ransomware “Petya” Affecting Systems Globally

A new ransomware variant is spreading quickly across the world. The ransomware has been dubbed “Petya”. It likely spreads by using two separate exploits. You don’t need to click on anything or take any action.

WWDC 2017

WWDC 2017

WWDC 2017 started with the Keynote, announcing all the latest from Apple.


WannaCry Ransomware Attack Hits with Second Wave

On Saturday, we reported and alerted everyone about a huge attack on many countries using a Ransomware called “WannaCry” or “WannaCrypt0r”. A few hours ago, reports have come in that a second wave has hit with a variant of the last attack.


Massive Global Ransomware Attack, Patch Available

We have a high alert for everyone. A Massive Ransomware Attack has been underway and has affected 99 countries, including the UK, US, China, Russia, Spain, Italy and Taiwan. Reports also show 75,000+ cases already.

Microsoft Build 2017

Build 2017 Day 2 Keynote Recap

The Recap The Keynote kicked off with a Creators Video. Terry Myerson came to the stage and talked about how Windows 10 is doing and what Microsoft is focusing on, Our Creativity.

Microsoft Build 2017

Build 2017 Day 1 Keynote Recap

The Recap The keynote started off with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talking about various things, including Windows 10 now having 500 million monthly active devices, having grown 25% since last September when the count was 400 million.

Microsoft Build 2017

Microsoft Build 2017

Microsoft Build 2017 10-12 May Another year has gone by and Microsoft’s Build Conference is back again.

Windows Vista Support Ends Today

Windows Vista Support Ends Today

Here it is… Windows Vista Support Ends Today! January marked the 10th year since Vista was released, today was its last. Windows Vista was the second most adopted Windows OS behind the ever popular Windows XP when Windows 7 was released in 2009.

Windows 10 Creators Update Releasing April 11

Microsoft officials confirmed the rollout start date in a blog post on March 29. Just like the Anniversary Update which Microsoft started rolling out last August, the Creators Update release will be throttled and likely take several months to complete transition.

Telstra Outage Caused by Fire

Mobile & D.O.T Service users in ACT, Tasmania, Victoria, NSW, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia are experiencing major problems with the Telstra network. The outage hit shortly after midday AEDT after a fire broke out at an exchange on Sydney’s lower north shore.

Gmail Scam and New Android Ransomware

Gmail Scam and New Android Ransomware

Mark Maunder, CEO of WordPress security plugin Wordfence, has reported on a new Gmail scam that is even fooling tech-savvy, security-conscious users. A new highly effective phishing technique targeting Gmail and other services has been gaining popularity during the past year among attackers.

Technology News

Technology News January 2017

Hello everyone. Here we are! 2017! It was a harsh 2016 with lots of negative situations happening. Let us look forward to 2017. Microsoft will be soon releasing the Creators Update. Apple should hopefully be bringing new hardware, including the anticipated iPhone 8. VR is taking the world by storm.

Microsoft Event October 2016

Windows 10 Creators Update Rumored for April Release

Back in October of 2016, Microsoft introduced the Windows 10 Creators Update which  was formally named Redstone 2. Windows 10 CU was announced as a “Early 2017 Release”, but then rumors all over the web suggested the final Version number as 1703.

Scammers Using Ransomware

Scammers Using Ransomware

Malwarebytes Labs has reported a new form of way Scammers are attacking users, this time using Ransomware.

Microsoft Event October 2016

Microsoft Event October 2016

The anticipation on what Microsoft will unveil continues to grow as the rumors continue to flare. We will be covering the event that starts at 1am 27th October AEST.

Technology News

Technology News September 2016

Welcome to Technology News September 2016.

Apple Special Event September 8 2016

Apple Special Event September 8 2016

Re-watch Apple’s Special Event and read a Recap.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Total Recall Update

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Total Recall Update

As the Samsung debacle continues to unfold, people are sending photo’s to the press or posting on social media, their experience just after the horrifying moment their phone went up in flames.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Total Recall

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Total Recall

Samsung Australia is recalling over 50,000 of its Galaxy Note7 smartphones after discovering the batteries of some phones exploded while they were charging.

Technology News

Technology News Quickfire August 2016

Hello, Welcome to a Technology News Quickfire Recap for August 2016. Get a full recap for the month of August with our monthly Technology News Edition. (Coming Soon)

Microsoft Has Broken Webcams With Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft Has Broken Webcams With Windows 10 Anniversary Update

On August 2nd, Microsoft began the slow release of the Anniversary Update for Windows 10, it brings New Features but unfortunately noticeable issues for some users, in particular, breaking webcams for millions of consumers.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Review

Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released on August 2nd as a slow release to all Windows 10 users. With some amazing new features being released in the update it is quite an exciting time for windows users. Some of those features included Improved Cortana, Improved Multi-Desktop Mode and Windows Ink Workspace.

Android N Becomes Android Nougat

Android N Becomes Android Nougat

Google finally announced a name for the new Android OS Version. Google decided to ask at the Google I/O Conference if we, the people, can decide the name of the next Android Update, now up to Version 7.0.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Update (15/09/16): Anniversary Update is being slowly released. The expected Rollout Completion timeframe was 3 weeks, it has now changed to November. If you haven’t got the Update yet, you may still have a long wait ahead of you.

New Android Malware found by Trend Micro

New Android Malware Found By Trend Micro

On Tuesday, a new Android Malware found by Trend Micro codenamed “Godless“, was discovered by the security team, who posted a blog explaining their findings. This new type of malware has been found in legitimate-looking apps that can “root” your phone and secretly install unwanted programs.

WWDC 2016

WWDC 2016

Watch the WWDC16 Live Event & a Recap.

Google I/O 2016

Welcome to Google I/O 2016! This Post is a mix of our Live Post Feed, Info coming out of Google I/O & your place to watch the Event. Google I/O runs from 18th – 20th (19th – 21st Australian Time). Keep the Conversation going with #io16 on Twitter, Facebook & Google+.

Apple Device Users with Windows Uninstall Quicktime

Apple Device Users with Windows Uninstall Quicktime

Hello everyone, A few days ago, Security Firm Trend Micro discovered 2 Security flaws with the Quicktime App for Windows. When Trend Micro approached Apple about this discovery and info on getting them patched, Apple subtly noted that they are no longer supporting Quicktime on the Microsoft Windows Platform!

Microsoft Build 2016

Microsoft Build 2016

Build was held from 31st March to April 2nd – AEST. As it is a Conference for Developers, we will bring you content coming out of the Conference, related to News, Updates and Features related to the Consumer.

Apple Keynote Event Mach 2016 Recap

Apple Keynote Event March 2016 Recap

Welcome to the Apple Keynote Event March 2016 Recap. You can view the event now via Apple.com. 40 Years in 40 Seconds The show began with a Video – “40 Years in 40 Seconds”. It depicted 40 Years of Apple. Where they began, how they went through the years until now.

Apple Keynote Event March 2016 Live

Apple Keynote Event March 2016 Live

Apple Event Live Stream – 22nd March Re-watch Apple Event Apple Event March 2016 Recap

Apple Keynote Event March 2016

Apple Keynote Event March 2016

Hello everyone, On March 22nd at 4am AEST, Apple will kick off the year with its 2016 Keynote to announce their new products. This Event shouldn’t be the Main Event that usually holds the major releases of products like the upcoming rumoured iPhone 7.

Technology News

Malware Alert March 11 – Android

Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, National Australia Bank and ANZ Bank customers are all at risk from the malware which hides on infected devices waiting until users open their banking apps. The malware then overlay’s a fake login screen in order to make itself look legit whilst capturing usernames and passwords.

Technology News

Technology News Update February 2016

Microsoft holding a Press Event in February, Apple doing one in March & Android in more danger with new Malware. These stories on Technology News Update February 2016.

Technology News

Technology News January 2016

Happy New Year and welcome to Technology News January 2016. Let’s recap what has happened in the Technology World in January.

Royal Melbourne Hospital hit by virus

Royal Melbourne Hospital hit by virus

The warnings are very clear. Running Systems with Windows XP is too risky, even for professionals. One slip up, and you get what was reported by The Age on January 18th.

Internet Explorer 8 | 9 | 10 Funeral on January 12th 2016

Internet Explorer 8 | 9 | 10 Funeral on January 12th 2016

It has finally come. Those of you who are still using older versions of Windows and indeed Internet Explorer are encouraged to pay their respects and move to a better future.

Windows 10 hits 200 Million Devices

Microsoft Welcomes the New Year as Windows 10 Hits 200 Million Devices Microsoft announced its stats for Windows 10 on the 4th Jan 2016, stating it hit the 200 million milestone.

Technology News

Technology News December 2015

Welcome to Technology News December 2015 Hello everyone! Let’s recap what has happened in the Technology World in December as well as look back on 2015!

Technology News

Technology News November 2015

Welcome to Technology News November 2015 Hello everyone! Let’s recap what has happened in the Technology World in November.

Technology News

Technology News October 2015

Welcome to Technology News October 2015 Hello everyone! Let’s recap what has happened in the Technology World in October.

Technology News

Australian Legislation and Your Privacy

IPVanish, the world’s leading tier-1 VPN (Virtual Private Network), offers fully owned, private security servers providing the encryption that Australians need, following new legislation.

Windows Mobile 10 Rolling Out from December

Since October 8th, after the Microsoft Event on the 7th (AU Time) people have been asking on the Lumia US Facebook Page about when will the new phones be coming out (the Full Date) and when will other phones be allowed to get the Windows Mobile 10 upgrade.

Microsoft Event October 2015 Recap

Microsoft Event October 2015 Recap

Microsoft announced that they would be doing a presentation in regards to Windows 10 Devices in New York at 10am NY Time, so for Australia (AEST), it was waking up or staying up until 1am to watch this event.

Android Users Beware, StageFright 2.0 is Waiting

We posted back on Technology News July 2015 that a Security Research firm, Zimperium had found a way to send a simple text that could help take over the victims Android device. Introducing Stagefright 2.0

Technology News

Microsoft Event October 2015 (Live Blog)

Watch the Microsoft Event.

Technology News

Technology News September 2015

Welcome to Technology News September 2015 Hello everyone! Let’s recap what has happened in the Technology World in September.

Technology News

Steve Jobs wishes went with him to the Grave

We at CPKN Computers​ try to be neutral in the Technology game, but we are annoyed at how dull, pointing out the elephant in the room has been. Apple have gone too far and Steve Jobs wishes are lost forever.

Apple Event September 2015

Apple Event September 2015

Welcome to the Recap of the Apple Event.

Technology News

Technology News August 2015

Welcome to Technology News August 2015 Hello everyone! Let’s recap what has happened in the Technology World in August. During August, we had a Technology News Update on some various articles, you can view it here.

Technology News

Technology News Update: Firefox Warning – Google ABC – NBN Fail

Hey everyone, We have decided to jump in early and give a quick Technology News Update.

Technology News

Technology News July 2015

Hey guys, Welcome to Technology News July 2015 edition.

Windows 10 Pricing

Hello guys! Microsoft has begun rolling out Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Please visit our Webpage “Windows 10” for more details.

Update: Microsoft Acknowledge Cortana in other Countries

From our last post, we discussed the fact that Cortana won’t be coming to Australia, among the many other countries (Japan, Canada [English], India, Brazil and Mexico) at Launch on July 29th.

Major Windows Update You Must Install Now

Hello, Yes! There is a Major Windows Update you must Install now! Microsoft have posted a Security Bulletin in regards to a serious security vulnerability, just from something as simple as a particular Font Format!

No Cortana in Australia Windows 10 Launch

That’s right! No Cortana in Australia Windows 10 Launch from July 29th with Cortana still standing at Alpha.

Technology News

Technology News June 2015

Hey guys, Welcome to Technology News June 2015 edition.

The iPhone 6 user turns to Lumia 930

iPhone 6 user turns to Microsoft’s Lumia 930

As Apple dominates the Mobile market, it seems they, along with their competitor Google, are not convincing everyone that their product is where it’s at.

Understanding the Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Hi guys,   Just to help make things clear about the big fuss over Windows 10’s “Free” Upgrade. We would like to help you get the best resolution.

Not a Warm Welcome for new Macbook

When Apple officially released the new MacBook a couple months back, eyes popped at the site of a notebook that looks tiny and gorgeous, while feeling as light as a piece of paper.

Kaspersky: Windows A Better OS Than iOS, OS X, And Android

Kaspersky: Windows Better OS Than iOS, OS X, And Android

Russian Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and founder of the IT security company Kaspersky Lab, stated during the AusCERT security conference here in Australia, that Windows is a safer operating system compared to iOS, OS X and Android.

WWDC 2015

Welcome to the WWDC15 Recap.

Windows 10 Announcement

That's right! Windows 10 will be released July 29th. Reserve your copy today by clicking the Start Button looking Icon to the very right of your taskbar. Don't have it? Do a Windows Update now to get it activated. Welcome to Windows 10! Note: Windows Phone has no announcements yet. Stay tuned.

Technology News

Technology News May 2015

Hello again, Welcome to another edition of Technology News, May 2015.

Apple vulnerability solution? RUN!

New iPhone Bug Emerges Using Text

Hello, Yep, you read the title right! A new bug using text has been found.

Google I/O Event 2015

Hey Guys,
Google’s I/O Keynote has been aired.
Here is the Video of the conference so you can experience what’s new coming from Google.

Facebook Content Disappearing: Facebook says “Bug”

Users on Facebook have reported pages and individual posts disappearing, and comments disappearing and reappearing about 30 minutes later or more.

Technology News

Technology News April 2015

Hello again, welcome to Technology News April 2015 edition.

Scam Alert

ACT Policing 30/04/2015   ACT Policing has posted on Facebook and Twitter about some scams that have been popping up in emails.

Apple vulnerability solution? RUN!

Apple Vulnerability Solution? RUN!

At the 2015 RSA Conference this month, CEO Adi Sharabani & CTO Yair Amit, both Co-founders of Skycure talked about a new vulnerability in the iOS 8 software that is amazingly annoying. What is the Apple vulnerability solution? RUN!

Technology News

Technology News March 2015

Hello again, welcome to Technology News March 2015 edition.

Technology News

Technology News February 2015

Welcome to another instalment of Technology News 2015.

Windows 7/Office 2010 Notice

This is a quick reminder.

Technology News

Technology News January 2015

Welcome back to Technology News for 2015.

Windows 10 “The Next Chapter”

Welcome to Windows 10 “The Next Chapter” Hello everyone, We would like to welcome our insight of “The Next Chapter” of Windows 10 and what Microsoft, aswell as all of us in the “Insider Program” have helped to achieve over the last year.

Technology News

Technology News December 2014

(Christmas Edition) Hey folks, and welcome to this months run down on news updates on the Tech Companies for the final time of Technology News 2014.

Technology News

Technology News November 2014

Hello everyone! We are back with some more Techno Info for October-November.

iWorm Malware for Mac

Hey guys, If you are a Mac user and for the moment, visit Reddit.com, you may be one of the 17,000+ users to be infected by “iWorm”.

Introducing Windows 10

Hey guys, Introducing Windows 10. This was the officially announced new Operating System from Microsoft.

Microsoft Event 2014

Microsoft will be holding its Microsoft Event 2014 on Wednesday (Tuesday 30th at 4pm American time) to showcase their plans for the future.

Apple Event 2014

It happens once a year, Apple debuts its newest products with a special event. This year, the iPhone gets bigger, it’s joined by its long-awaited, smaller, wearable cousin, the Apple Watch, will this hold consumers strong to Apple?

Technology News

Technology News September 2014

Lets get into this months Technology News, September 2014.

Windows News August

Hello readers, Word on the street says Microsoft are planning to release a tech preview on the new Windows OS or Update, codenamed “Threshold” around September or October.

Ending Support of Microsoft Products

Since the support for Windows XP and Office 2003 ceased in April, Microsoft has already warned Users of the support ending for the next set of products such as Windows 7 and Office 2010.

Microsoft OneDrive Changes

After we wrote a post about Cloud Storage not too long ago, (See “Let’s Talk About Cloud”) Microsoft made some changes to OneDrive.

Let’s Talk about Cloud

Hey guys & gals. As we move more and more into the future, cloud computing is also on the rise. With the likes of saving files using OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and now iCloud Drive from Apple, plus the many more services out there, it’s hard to get a grip on who is better,

Password Security Getting Worse (Password Hacking)

Hello Everyone. Today we want to talk about Password Hacking. As we move more and more into the digital age, we find ourselves using technology and computers more and more with everyday activities.

Apple Hack Emerges

The biggest thing Apple pushed toward consumers against Microsoft was “Apple products don’t get Viruses or get Hacked” which consumers lived by for arguments sake at Windows users. We at CPKN Computers always try to warn consumers that this is not the case.

Ebay Hack

A EBay hack has been announced with the E-Commerce site attacked and username & passwords have been taken. EBay have known about this since 2 weeks ago and have been doing Forensic Investigations to determine what was taken and whom did it.

Windows XP No More

Hello everyone, Windows XP Has Ended it’s Life Cycle On the 8th of April 2014, Microsoft closed it’s doors to Windows XP after 12 years.

New attack “Heartbleed”

Hello everyone, Recently a new vulnerability called Heartbleed has been sitting on website servers that hits an Encryption Service named OpenSSL. This is popular among many websites. This attack has not been detected for atleast 2 years but it is unclear exactly how long its been around and how many hackers have known about it.

The Embassy Project

Blog on “The Embassy Project” by Chris Starting the day, checking messages, a Gumtree enquiry was put through. I was contacted by a man named Graham to discuss assisting him in a Canberra Embassy.