Computer Maintenance


Anytime you use a Computer, things move, change, delete, get worn and eventually something may go wrong. You don’t know why and don’t know how to fix it, that’s when you can call
CPKN Computers for some Computer Maintenance.
We shall troubleshoot your hardware/software issue, find the solution and fix it for you.


Just like a car, your Computer with prolonged use starts to get sluggish, not working fast enough, getting errors and corruptions. It can be a pain and you spent lot’s of money. Regular tune-ups can ensure your computer is running at it’s maximum so you can enjoy using your computer and give it a longer lifespan.

As part of the Tune-up process, we will clean your Computer from unwanted files and other fragments that may slow your computer. This will help the performance of the Hard Drive where you save and the CPU will not need to work as hard.

Notebook | Tablet Repair | Tablet

If you have issues with your Laptop/Tablet/Phone, such as the screen is busted, keyboard, pad etc, don’t feel the need to give up and buy a new one, call us to have your Laptop/Tablet/Phone checked over and repaired.

We can get components working again or replace them a lot cheaper than buying a new laptop/tablet/Phone*1.

This service is great if you don’t have the $$$ to buy another expensive computer.

Something simple might be wrong that just needs a quick and easy fix.

If you suspect something wrong with your Laptop/Tablet/Phone hardware, call us to get an evaluation.

*1 – Subject to parts availability and product type. Cost may be the same or greater than purchasing new products on newer released products. Ask us for more details.

Hardware Install | Uninstall

Whether you are looking to increase your Computers performance or wanting to add or subtract components, maybe replace old, broken parts, CPKN Computers is here to help.
We will use parts that you have purchased or even purchase from us and install it into your computer or replace the component you may want to change.
Want a Network Setup? we can do it for you and ensure you get the maximum performance out of your Network.

Data Backup | Recovery

When things go wrong, it can be devastating when you cannot get access to your personal files and work, this is where we can help. We will do a specialized recovery that attempts to retrieve as much as possible from a dying Hard Drive. We then help you put it back on your fresh system so you can return to normal computer sessions.

To prevent data loss, we help you with fail safes in case something goes wrong so you can recovery quickly using a backup. We provide you with Local and Offsite backup solutions, and if you do regular maintenance with us, we also have a data safe solution that we can keep for you in case an issue occurs.

Sometimes the Recovery Process we use might not be enough. If this happens, we have a Specialist Team who deal with Specialized Data Recovery. These types of recovery can help with recovery from badly corrupted data or retrieving data from near death and sometimes dead Drives.
These guys require use of very advanced tools and a “Clean Room” to get the job done, not to mention a steady hand!

We will assess your device and give you the best advise in dealing with your Drive Issues.

Give us a call today to help with your slow, corrupt or clicking Drive. The earlier you get it sorted, the better the outcome it can be.

Keep your Computer running smoothly with a Check-up from us every 3-6 months to ensure you get
continued performance and life of your Computer.

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