Data Recovery & Extraction

Data is precious. It’s Documents, Photos, Videos, Music, your life, in 1’s and 0’s.

Things beyond our control can happen… A drop of a Laptop… a Swipe away of your file to the bin…

When things go wrong, it can be devastating when you cannot get access to your personal files and work.

This is where we can help!

We will do a specialised recovery that attempts to retrieve as much as possible from a dying Hard Drive or even an accidental deletion.
We then help you put it back on your system, so you can return to your normal computer sessions.

To prevent data loss, we help you with fail safes in case something goes wrong so you can recovery quickly using a backup.
We provide you with Local and Offsite backup solutions.

We understand there are times where we alone cannot help you recover your data. This is why…

We are Partnered with Australia’s #1 Data Recovery Specialists.

With 18+ years’ experience, they have established a reputation as the world’s best.

They are the only Data Recovery Company in the world recommended by all three of the leading Storage Manufacturers.

They have the most advanced Data Recovery lab in the country, equipped with the world’s latest data recovery technology and tools, staff of more than 20 world-class data recovery engineers, as well as the best equipment money can buy including Australia’s best Class-100 Clean Room.

No matter the situation, CPKN Computers has got you covered with the best Data Recovery for Home & Business.

We Provide:

  • Data Recovery
  • Data Extraction
  • Move to New Storage Drive (HDD/SSD)
  • External Storage Solutions
  • Network Attached Storage Solutions
  • Cloud Storage & Backup Solutions
  • Advanced Recovery for Home & Business

Recover your Data Now!