Log on to EBay NOW & change your password!

A EBay hack has been announced with the E-Commerce site attacked and username & passwords have been taken. EBay have known about this since 2 weeks ago and have been doing Forensic Investigations to determine what was taken and whom did it.

EBay advise that you change your passwords immediately.

Peoples names, date of birth, encrypted passwords,  email addresses, physical addresses and phone numbers were taken. Please watch out for random calls, text, emails or letters in the mail about random things that ask for personal stuff or follow links.

As the passwords should of kept their encryption, they can be broken into, it may take a long time, longer than the hackers lives, if you use a long, strong password. If you dont follow the recommended password combinations and use simple passwords, you will be more vulnerable.

For those of you who are worried about their Credit Card details, it’s said “no details were taken, especially if you use PayPal”. Even though EBay Inc. own PayPal, they have reassured that all PayPal information is kept in a separate, secure location.

This is yet another blow to Web users since Heartbleed. Lets hope we see change to security by all, especially when websites and databases hold our personal details.