Gmail Scam and New Android Ransomwa

Mark Maunder, CEO of WordPress security plugin Wordfence, has reported on a new Gmail scam that is even fooling tech-savvy, security-conscious users. A new highly effective phishing technique targeting Gmail and other services has been gaining popularity during the past year among attackers. (more…)

New Android Malware Found By Trend

On Tuesday, a new Android Malware found by Trend Micro codenamed "Godless", was discovered by the security team, who posted a blog explaining their findings. This new type of malware has been found in legitimate-looking apps that can “root” your phone and secretly install unwanted programs. (more…)

Google I/O 2016

Welcome to Google I/O 2016! This Post is a mix of our Live Post Feed, Info coming out of Google I/O & your place to watch the Event. Google I/O runs from 18th - 20th (19th - 21st Australian Time). Keep the Conversation going with #io16 on Twitter, Facebook & Google+. (more…)