Small Business Support

Business Information Communication Technology

CPKN Computers is there, shoulder to shoulder with you, to provide Small Business Support with all your Technology needs.

We support you with Hardware, Software, Networking, Security, Backup & Recovery and much more.

Whether you are starting a business or already established, we can cater for your needs and grow with you as you expand and achieve your business goals.
That way, you can focus on your Business and not worry about technical glitches.

CPKN Computers is a trusted Partner of many Large ICT Businesses for the Canberra Region & Surrounds – this gives CPKN Computers a wealth of experience.

Supporting Business

What We Do

Our wide-range of services will fit your needs to provide the best support you want/need for your business, from set-up of devices, tune ups, hardware & software replacement/install/uninstall, networking, virus removal and tons more.

We work on your devices on-site while you continue with your business, take items back to base if they require extra attention and/or use Remote Support Services to solve your issues quickly. We have plenty of methods to fit around your Business.

We also Partner with other Business to bring you a wide range of Support & Services like Electrical & Data, Phone & Internet, Hardware & Software and Advanced Data Recovery.

We Provide:

  • Same Day, Next Day or Specified Date Appointments.
  • Friendly, Professional, No technical jargon, plain english!
  • 24/7 Callouts.
  • No Fix, No Fee.
  • Troubleshoot Issues with your Hardware & Software.
  • Provide Security - including Security Audit for Security Policies, Security Software, Password Management, Security Awareness Training for Staff, Virus/Malware/Ransomware Support.
  • Backup/Business Continuity - ensure your business run as smooth as possible during a breakdown or lost data. Help with dealing with Ransomware. Help you follow the Backup 3-2-1 Principle.
  • Networking - Setup and Monitor your Network, WiFi, Cables, fix issues, provide backup solutions like 4G Backup, provide Phone Solutions, Power & Data Services.
  • System Maintenance & Proactive Monitoring - Deal with minor issues proactively before they turn major.
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • Tutoring & Education - Learn how to use Software & Hardware (conditions apply), Online Services (conditions apply), Cyber Security Awareness Training.
  • Domain & Email Service - Register a Domain with CPKN Computers (e.g. and get Emails provided with full setup. We can also provide Web Development Services depending on level of needs, or we partner locally with Web Devs to help provide you with amazing websites.
  • Remote Support Services- Get quick support by a remote connection - Windows, Apple, iOS, Android.
  • Move your Business - We can help move your Technology from your old address to new, ensuring the setup works as needed.
  • We do it all - Microsoft Products, Apple Products, Printers, Networks, Phone Systems and tons more.

Starting up your business can be daunting, but very exciting.

CPKN Computers will provide and setup everything you want and need to establish your perfect ICT Environment.

CPKN Computers will also help you with your custom software you may need to get for your particular business and make sure it is working correctly so you can start running your business.

Our assessment goes through a list, here are some key points:

  • Business Type
  • Hardware & Software Needs
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Backup Solutions
  • Communication
  • Business interconnections

CPKN Computers will come in and Audit your entire ICT Environment, get a understanding of how your business works and then sit down and give you a overview of what we see that works or may have opportunity. We want you to feel like we are part of your team, providing our services that match your wants and needs.

Callout Subscription Pre-Paid

Business Support Options

CPKN Computers has a variety of Support options to help you with your Business.


If you feel you won’t need ongoing Support from CPKN Computers, and just want someone there when you need it, CPKN Computers will be there for your Callout needs On-Site & Remote to fix your issues. You will be billed at an hourly rate. With 24/7 Callouts, you can return to operation as soon as possible.
You are also guaranteed our No Fix, No Fee Policy.


CPKN Computers provides a Subscription Service to provide ongoing support to your Business as if you have your very own dedicated IT team.
We can provide unlimited Remote Support, or come to you – at an amazing discounted rate. Ongoing support allows for proactive monitoring and response to issues, minimizing downtime as much as possible.

We also have Services you can add to your Subscription, like Email, Backup, Security, Custom Domain and much more, so you can bundle and manage your assets a lot better, with dedicated support from CPKN Computers.

Check out our Business Management Subscription Services (BMS).


You might be a Business that requires frequent ICT Support, but not keen on a Subscription/Contract. This is where CPKN Computers Pre-Paid Packs may come in handy. Have piece of mind that you can call for support as needed, saving on costs along the way.

Check out our Pre-Paid Packs.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

90% of all data breaches begin with a human error. Therefore, more than ever, it is necessary to focus on the human factor to prevent cyberattacks. That way, you protect your money, reputation, employees and assets.

Check out how CPKN Computers can help train you and your staff against Cyber Threats.

Cyber Security Awareness – Phished.

Call us on 02 6183 5012 or use our enquiry form
so we can help your business

Call us on 02 6183 5012 or use our enquiry form
so we can help your business