Security for Home & Business

CPKN Computers helps with any security issues you may have. We make sure you are safe and secure as much as possible against Viruses/Malware, Ransomware, Hacking and Scams.

Ransomware can be very painful for anyone to experience, this is why we make sure your Data is backed up and secured so you don’t lose things like your precious memories from photo’s and video, or that important document you needed for work or school.

We can make sure your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Phone and Network are all safe and secure.

What We Do

There are some scenario’s where you may of lost access to your Computer’s Account. If it meets the criteria, we may be able to help regain access to your computer account without having to reinstall the Operating System and going through the tedious task of Data Recovery.

Ask us to see if we can help you regain access.

Call us on 02 6183 5012 or use our enquiry form

Call us on 02 6183 5012 or use our enquiry form