Scams & Fraud is a very serious crime that affects Australian’s on a daily basis. Scams cost you and the Australian Economy.

CPKN Computers support clients in Prevention, Assessment of an existing Enquiry and/or Repercussion Support.


CPKN Computers will help ensure you are safe by checking you have sufficient Security Software as well as education on what to look for, what to expect and what to leave alone.

We also post Scam News from all sorts of sources, including our own reports.

You can view the latest from our Australian Government Branches of Cybercrime Prevention & Management:

And you can view our News by clicking HERE.


Have a Suspicion or have been Scammed?

We encourage people who have suspicions of a scam to pass along details to us.

Types of Scam Attempts:

  • Emails
  • Text Messages
  • Phone Calls
  • Mail

If you have been scammed, turn off your computer, call us straight away. If money was involved, call your Bank FIRST!

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CPKN Computers helps with any security issues you may have. Think somebody has given you something bad to mess with your computer?  perhaps accessing your Computer remotely or through your Modem/Router? We do a  full check to make sure nobody has given you a headache and burn them down if they did! We then make sure they can’t have any access and be sure it’s a struggle to get it back again.

We will make sure you have performing Firewalls and make sure no malware has attacked your computer. See Virus Removal

Sometimes issues, viruses or forgetful heads can lead to not having access to  your Computer, That’s where we come in. CPKN Computers will recover the password and create preventative measures. We do both Windows & Apple Computers. We have Strict Conditions that can be discussed with us when you call.

Strict Conditions Apply!

If you think you have been Hacked or have Lost Your Password…

Always keep your Anti-Virus Up-to-Date and have a check-up from us every 3-6 months to ensure you are well protected.
Keep passwords safe & think about changing them every 6-12 months if worried about what the password is protecting.