Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we would like to inform Clients & Partners that we will continue to the best of our ability to help and support you with the appropriate actions.

We are providing:
  • Remote Support (Recommended)
  • Video Chat Support to show issues that Remote Support cannot.
  • Pickup/Drop off | On-site Support where first 2 options above do not/cannot work.

UPDATE: 23/03/20

The ACT/NSW has gone into Stage 1 Restrictions.

We will continue to provide on-site support for Urgent and/or Safe sites, whether Home, Office or Business.

To keep safe, assessing the risk will be made and appropriate action will be taken for the safety of Everyone.

Where possible, we recommend seeing if issue/s can be resolved via Remote Support and/or via Voice/Video Chat.

We are assessing a ZERO CONTACT Service of pickup and delivery of devices. This requires STRICT guidelines and proper coordination is required for safety of persons and security of devices.
Please stay tuned for this Service.

If anything changes, please visit our website or our Facebook Page on updates on where we are at.

We wish everyone Good Health. Be Safe, be Logical, be Rational, use Common Sense and Practice Good Hygiene.

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Computer Maintenance

- Troubleshoot Issues
- Tune-up your Computer
- Hardware Support
- Laptop/Tablet Repairs (Screens, Motherboards etc)


- Network Setup & Maintenance
- Virtual Private Network (VPN)
- ISP Support | Status Check

Virus & Malware

- Remove nasty Viruses
- Remove Spyware/Adware
- Keep your Online Browsing Safe


- Security Issues | Solutions
- Scam | Fraud Support
- Password Recovery

Business ICT Solutions

- Create your Unique Business Setup
- Maintain & Develop your Current Setup

Backup & Recovery

- Hardware/Cloud Backup
- Business Grade Backup & Continuity
- Recovery from HDD, SSD, Phone and more

Specialist IT Cleaning

Clean off dust and other foreign objects inside and out of your Computer ensuring that your Hardware doesn't get worn out faster or damaged.

Custom Building

We Build Custom PC's to your requirements. Anything Simplistic to a True PC Lover/Gamer masterpiece. We also do Business Solutions.

Tutoring & Education

Learn how to get the most out of your Computer or Smartphone

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