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Computer Maintenance

- Troubleshoot Issues
- Tune-up your Computer
- Hardware Support
- Laptop/Tablet Repairs (Screens, Motherboards etc)
- Data Backup & Recovery

Specialist IT Cleaning

Clean off dust and other foreign objects inside and out of your Computer ensuring that your Hardware doesn't get worn out faster or damaged.

Virus & Malware

- Remove nasty Viruses
- Remove Spyware/Adware
- Keep your Online Browsing Safe

Custom Building

We Build Custom PC's to your requirements. Anything Simplistic to a True PC Lover/Gamer masterpiece. We also do Business Solutions.

Business ICT Solutions

- Create your Unique Business Setup
- Maintain & Develop your Current Setup

Tutoring & Education

Learn how to get the most out of your Computer or Smartphone


- Network Setup & Maintenance
- Virtual Private Network (VPN)
- ISP Support | Status Check


- Security Issues | Solutions
- Scam | Fraud Support
- Password Recovery

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