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Device Support

- Troubleshoot Issues for Microsoft/Google/Apple Products & Services including Printers, USB Devices etc
- Laptop | Tablet | Phone Repairs (Screens, Motherboards etc)


- Network Setup & Maintenance
- Virtual Private Network (VPN)
- ISP Support | Status Check


- Security Issues | Solutions
- Scam | Fraud Support
- Password Recovery

Business ICT Solutions

- Create your Unique Business Setup
- Maintain & Develop your Current Setup

Backup & Recovery

- Hardware/Cloud Backup
- Business Grade Backup & Continuity
- Recovery from HDD, SSD, Phone and more

Virus & Malware

- Remove nasty Viruses
- Remove Spyware/Adware
- Keep your Online Browsing Safe

Specialist IT Cleaning

Clean off dust and other foreign objects inside and out of your Computer ensuring that your Hardware doesn't get worn out faster or damaged.

Custom PC

We Build Custom PC's to your requirements. Anything Simplistic to a True PC Lover/Gamer masterpiece. We also do Business Solutions.

Tutoring & Education

Learn how to get the most out of your Computer or Smartphone

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Refund Scam – Glitter Bombs & Money Mules

Mark Rober, Jim Browning & Pierogi have banded together to fight against a Refund Scam attempt. Read more about this amazing story.


Chinese Domain Scam

As we continue to tackle the current world crisis – COVID-19, Scammers have been out in full force.
Many of the oldies like Accident Scams, ISP Scams, “You Won Money!” Scams, have all played their roles successfully.
Then you have COVID-19 Scams, especially acting as either your Government Entity or the WHO, trying to scare you or make you do something like give details or “donate”.
Businesses are also targets to scams. An oldie but strong one is a panic buy for Domain Names under your Business Name.

Security Working at Home with COVID-19

Security Working at Home with COVID-19

Security working at home with the COVID-19 is a big topic to be discussed. Businesses who are working from home, must consider all security precautions.