Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we would like to inform Clients & Partners that we will continue to the best of our ability to help and support you with the appropriate actions.

Your Safety is our number one priority.

Please visit ACT Health website and/or NSW Health website to get information on COVID-19 and the rules and regulations that are in place.

CPKN Computers follows best practises:
  • Practise good hygiene (disinfect surfaces/devices, wash hands)
  • Keeping distance as best as possible where applicable
Current CPKN Computers COVID-19 Compliance is as follows (01-10-22):
  • During Pickup & On-Site Visits, wearing a mask is supported, however, current guidelines from ACT Health state you are not required. (Zero Contact Pickup/Drop Off not applicable)
  • On-Site Visits – Please ensure workspace is wiped down with disinfectant, that where possible, keep 1.5m distance, continue to practise good hygiene.
  • CPKN Computers visiting another business, CPKN Computers will follow COVID Procedures.
  • Please cancel On-Site appointment IMMEDIATELY if you feel unwell or have been notified of making contact that requires you to have a test.
    Remote Support & Zero Contact Pickup is available if you feel unwell or test Positive for COVID – Zero Contact Pickup Instructions will be given before appointment and is important to follow. If you cannot follow the instructions, then ZCP will not be appropriate to use and we will work with you on what the next steps are.
We are providing Clients:
  • Remote Support
  • Video Chat Support to show issues that Remote Support cannot.
  • Pickup/Drop off (Including Zero Contact Option)
  • On-site Support where the other options above do not/cannot work.

Remote Support along with Video/Audio Chat is the most preferable option if your issue/s can be resolved this way.

In the event that Remote & Video Support fails, a Zero Contact Pickup or On-Site Support will be assessed.

For our Partners:
  • On-Site Support where Safety Procedures are properly implemented by Clients. CPKN Computers will Comply to Safety Practices outlined by Local Government and by CPKN Computers.

The Government and CPKN Computers are continuing to monitor the situation and will act accordingly. We will continue to monitor and adjust our approach to be inline with Government/Health Expert Guidelines and Laws.

We wish everyone Good Health. Be Safe and Practice Good Hygiene.

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