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As we move further into the Digital Age, privacy and security becomes more of a concern as our lives go on the Internet, whether you want it or not. There are various ways to secure your personal data, from Passwords, Anti-Virus Software, Hardware Configurations, Encryption etc.

There is another security option you can use that Big Businesses use internally, that is VPN (Virtual Private Network).

On a personal level, you can use a VPN connection to the Internet so when you surf the web, all your searches, info etc you use online will go through a secure VPN Provider that encrypts your Data and sends it to your Device where it is Decrypted and viewed on your device.

“Why do I need it?”

Hackers can be very sophisticated. They have the ability to intercept your dataVPN Spy as it travels on the web to and from you. If you use Banking Online, your data input can be intercepted to gain access to your details. If you have a private/sensitive image or file, instead of going to a certain place or coming from a certain place to you, it could be grabbed as it travels where, at a particular vulnerable point, a hacker could gains access to it.

Hacking is usually done to those who are worth touching but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen to the average user. Countless times have users been victims of hackers, so why not add as much security as you can.

The next part is location blocking. If the data is powerful enough, your IP address can track you to your Physical Address. Not only that, but monitoring your IP Address and where it goes on the web can build a portfolio of your usage and thus begin the process of hacking, stealing, nag advertising and/or fraud.

Another aspect is Privacy. Your Internet Service Provider gets all information through them first before it goes or comes from somewhere. Depending on the country you are in, you will see Governments block websites and content in other countries, which is usually for good, but sometimes, bad or unfair. China blocks the social media site “Facebook”, which those in China who would love to use it, and most likely do when overseas (Students etc), cannot. Many countries block content for different reasons.

When you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, you’re a prime target for hackers who are using the same network. Without the use of a VPN, anything you access while connected to public Wi-Fi such as banking information, private accounts, passwords, usernames and more could easily fall into the wrong hands.

Everyone can understand that data retention laws are mainly for National Security, so people who want to do sinister things to the world can be monitored and tracked, conversations viewed/listened too, but it’s hard to say that the Law Enforcement Agencies and Governments are looking at your data and are using it for good reasons.


All of the information you send and receive online is compiled into packets of data. As you browse the web, you may be unaware that your ISP uses Deep Packet Inspection, meaning that it’s really scanning all of the data that crosses its network. The reason this poses a threat to your privacy is because your ISP is free to go through all your activity and everything you have exchanged online.

Personal information, including everything from your shopping records, your location, and even your age can be collected and sold to advertising companies. ISP’s also use deep packet inspection to monitor your Internet usage and throttle your Internet speed, which can slow down your connection, making it difficult to stream media or play online games. Governments also use this method to block access to websites for censorship purposes.

“How do you get VPN?”

Its very easy!

We recommend using IPVanish:

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IPVanish is one of the leading VPN Service Providers out there. Simply install their software on your Device and you can get connected to a secure Internet Session. IPVanish has 500+ servers in 60+ countries around the world and over 40,000 anonymous IPs to choose from to connect to anywhere, anytime. View content in other countries that are normally blocked in yours, secure the information you have with a IPVanish assigned IP Address as their servers encrypt your data and much more.


If you like using Public WiFi when out and about, feel safe knowing that nobody will know what you are doing. IPVanish can also secure your Smartphone! So you can be secure on the go with your Data Connection.

What are the benefits of using IPVanish VPN?

  • User-friendly apps for all of your devices
  • Direct Access to the Fastest VPN Network Worldwide
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • 100% Online Identity and Data Protection
  • Unmetered VPN Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Server Switching
  • 5 simultaneous connections on multiple devices
  • Zero Logs
  • 24/7 Customer Support

IPVanish have a easy to use App for Windows:

IPV Main Dashboard

Apple Mac OSX:

IPV Main Dashboard OSX

Apple iOS:

IPV Main Dashboard iOS


IPV Main Dashboard Android


If you worry about security and tracking, your best bet is a VPN, and your gonna be able to do it the easiest with IPVanish.

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