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Backup & Recover your Home and/or Business Data with CPKN Computers.

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CPKN Computers can help you with your Business IT Solutions.

Computers can gather dust and other foreign objects which can damage the Computer components in and around itself.

Whether you are a Casual User or all the way up to Extreme Gamer, even a Business, going custom is the best way for Desktop Computing.

Viruses and other attacks are a common thing in the technology world. Without proper protection, your web surfing becomes frustrating rather than fun & informative.


 It is always best to have the best connection to the internet and other devices in your home/office/business with a well structured Network.
Having a VPN can help you be more secure and access content from around the world.


It is very important that you have good Security where it counts. Whether it be Security for your Computer, Modem/Router or even on the Web.
We help you with Intruder Prevention and other policies to help keep you secure.

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