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Electronic Devices can gather dust and other foreign objects which can damage the Device components in and around itself.

Regular cleaning by us will ensure you keep your components happy and the lifespan longer. Depending on your area, dust build up can vary.

This is where our Specialist IT Cleaning Service comes in.

We recommend getting a clean every 12 months or 3-6 months for heavy dust build up in the home. Smaller Devices like phones, tablets and watches etc, usually have good features to prevent build up.

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brains of the Computer. When it thinks and processes, it gains heat that must be exhausted using 3 components, Thermal Paste, Heat Sink and CPU Fan.

  • The Thermal Paste absorbs heat from the CPU body and transfers it to the Heat Sink. Thermal Paste wears away and needs to be replaced.
  • The Heat Sink is a heat absorbing metal, usually a plate with pipes that absorbs heat from the CPU and Paste to get it exhausted out of the CPU Fan. Dust can help insulate the heat and cause increased heat flow to and from the CPU which can become a damaging factor and in rare cases, cause fire.
  • The CPU Fan helps blow out the hot air from the CPU and it’s Heat Absorbing Components. If it gets blocked with dust, the heat cannot be taken out as much which causes increased heat and wear and tear. In combination with other parts dusty, it can cause overall severe heating that can increase wear and tear and shorten your computers life.

What We Do

  • Thoroughly Clean your Desktop or Laptop Computer of dust and other foreign objects that can cause overheating, which reduces lifespan and causes other issues
  • Re-apply Thermal Paste on key components like the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and where required, Thermal Pads of other components
  • Clean up Corrosion of components after liquid damage and check to see if components can still function or require further repairs/replacement.

Keep your Computer running smoothly with a Check-up from us every 12 months to ensure you get continued performance and life of your Computer.

Call us on 02 6183 5012 or use our enquiry form

Call us on 02 6183 5012 or use our enquiry form