Custom PC

Custom Desktop PC’s

One of the most awesome things to own is a Custom PC.

Custom PC’s are built to benefit you in all ways and ensures you get the best of what you need out of a Computer. Best of all, it’s your creation!

So where to begin? CPKN Computers has different Tiers of Custom PC’s that you can start with, then mix & match not only each others components, but request anything you can think of. But of course, quote your needs with a budget range and we can work out the best build. (Subject to Availability)

Why Custom?

Manufacturers have their own (you could say) “custom” components that are made quickly and cheaply, or deals with other manufacturers to use their parts, giving them a good Bulk Discount. This means they can sell PC’s at a cheap price but still make a good profit. Cheap is great! but when it comes to electronics, you get what you pay for. You buy expensive, you will get a good quality, lasting device. Buy in cheap, you won’t be using it long term before something goes wrong. They build the PC’s to a certain criteria that only the hardware inside is the best compatible part to run the computer. You will then need to buy the same part for repairs that at times, cost more than if you divide the whole computer up into cost per part. If you want to upgrade, only very limited parts will work, IF possible. They build the PC to last their standard 1 Year Warranty at least, making any issues come out of your pocket for repair.

With Custom, you get quality build and service by Us. The PC will last longer and is easier to upgrade to make it cheaper to stay Up-to-Date. We ensure you get the best quality parts and none of the cheap stuff that break down easy and could cost you a lot. Best of all, you can get the look and feel YOU want, not what the branded companies want you to want.

Here is an example of a Gamers PC that we built that has been tricked out with some LED Fans!

EX 1
EX 2

Our Different Budgets Include:

  • Basic/Budget
  • Mid-Range
  • High Performance
  • Home Entertainment


  • Business Customs

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Each Tier is the starting point of your design, but the build is unique to your wants & needs.

Don’t have a desk? Got room near your TV? Got a Projector? If your TV/Projector supports it, we also  build Home Theatre PC’s or HTPC’s.

Semi-Custom Notebooks

Coming Soon…

We are trialling our New Form System.

If you have issues, please email your Request to [email protected]

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