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Issue: Virus and password issues

CPKN computers have proven to be a lifeline for me on 2 occasions this year. Chris has been very patient and has solved my concerns in a friendly and professional manner. I would highly recommend this company for excellent customer service.

Greg B

Issue: File and Audio Issues

So responsive and helpful and fixed the problem quickly. Excellent service all round!


Issue: Broken PC

Chris at CPKN was perfect. I had issues with my motherboard and he picked it up and dropped it back all fixed in less than a day. Not to mention my spam of general questions which he answered. 10/10 ⭐⭐⭐

Arran L

Issue: Install new computer, upgrade hard drive in another computer, advise about the printer

Chris was extremely helpful and efficient. I will definitely call for assistance as needed in future.


Issue: The sound card on my HP laptop computer was not working

Chris was extremely polite and helpful. He had the problem resolved in no time at all. Thanks Chris.

Peter S

Issue: Installing Office for Mac with Office 365

CPKN Computers were polite, helpful and extremely patient. If I have any further issues, I will be contacting these guys.

Thanks Heaps Guys.

Issue: Custom PC

I wanted a custom PC so I could have great power when doing my media projects. I am also a gamer so It would be nice to play some great games on Max Settings. I wasn’t very knowledgeable in what parts to get in a computer. I went to JB HiFi for help and the man told me I was better off to buy a Custom PC as Retail Computers are very wishy washy when it comes to finding a specific setup. I went to a few computer shops and found that they would try and build what they want rather than make sure it’s what I want. I turned to the internet. Google searching “best Custom PC to build” turned out to be a very challenging prospect. Then I noticed CPKN Computers had an ad about Custom PC’s. I was directed to the website and read that they will work with you every step of the way. They did have preset builds but were not enforcing you to only pick one of those. Instead, they could start with those and then mix & match to suit your needs. I needed to see what was written was true. I called up and we arranged a free consultation.

I was met by Chris who was very bubbly and nice. We sat down and discussed every aspect to match my needs to the computer I needed to succeed. He showed me pictures and told me the process from start to finish. I was so happy.  So I rounded up the money and paid, he immediately purchased the parts and told me he will keep me posted on the progress. I was emailed and text the progress. A few days later, I was called to be told my computer was ready to be delivered and setup. Chris went through everything step by step and made sure I was happy. I never knew how great it was getting a Custom built PC! He told me he will book a 3 month appointment for my computer for it’s free check up to make sure it was going well. I cannot wait to start getting into it and start my projects and games. Thanks Chris!

Issue: Desktop PC would not start properly and beeping

After being flooded with so many different answers by searching the internet, I gave up and decided I would most likely not get this fixed for free. I went on searching for a computer expert who could come to me rather than lugging my tower on the bus to a computer store. I found a few but was shocked at how expensive they were, one was expecting $74 per half hour and informed me it may take 3-4 hours to pin point the issue! After 45 minutes of searching, I came across CPKN Computers on Facebook.

This lead me to a post that said fixed pricing. I clicked on the link to the website and it felt very pleasing. I called up straight away to make an inquiry. The technician reassured me he would help me 110% to get my computer running again. Instead of telling me it would cost me this much per half hour or even an hour, nor tell me it will take him hours to work out, he asked me what was happening, he focused on the issue first, not the money. When I told him it wasn’t booting up properly and had beeping, the technician immediately stopped me and asked how it sounded. When I told him, he straight away had a suspicion something was wrong with my Memory. The technician arranged coming over to my place which was exactly what I wanted, to see what was going on.

After he examined my computer and the memory sticks, he informed me one seemed to be dead. He used a weird card that plugs into the computer & double checked his findings. He told me he would take it back to base, test it in another computer and be certain it was dead. In the mean time, the computer started to work with 1 stick but with my setup, needed more memory to work properly. He said if it was dead that he would buy a new stick to use. 2 hours later he called asking if he could come over and install a new stick and informed me that my one did break. He installed it and stayed until he was satisfied everything was working well and I was happy. After seeing that, I was more than happy to pay for his services.

As a woman, I was worried I needed to have knowledge, like a woman taking a car to a mechanic to not get ripped off just because of being a girl. The technician was very professional and polite, which made me feel at ease that he wasn’t treating me any different.

There isn’t enough stars! 6 out of 5!

I would recommend.

Issue: Dead Tower. Data Recovery

The technician came and picked up my Desktop Computer to see why it wouldn’t start.
It was not long before I was informed that my computer completely fried, possible from a power surge.
He managed to recover my data and asked if I wanted to get a new, Custom made tower, that way CPKN Computers could look after me a lot better. I went for it.

1 years on, we asked to write how the custom PC is going.

“I am stilling using my custom tower today. Branded computers for me would start to show signs of minor issues by now, but not this one. CPKN Computers look after me and I plan to upgrade some components in the near future. I still recommend them anytime anybody is in trouble.”

John M

Issue: Password Recovery

Running a newly opened Dentist, I cannot afford anything going wrong with my computers. I have no time to fix it myself or get trained.
I had a busy day coming up and when I seemed to have forgotten the main computers password and had no backup written down, I was losing time and could not afford to remain closed to my customers. I called 6 computer businesses to help me, they all said no. As soon as I called CPKN Computers, I got a “yes, I will be there as quick as I can”. He came in and told me he understood how important for things like this to not happen. He promised me he will resolve this. Within 5 minutes he managed to reset my password and I had access again. I was so thankful. I lost a lot in that time frame, and could not afford to let that happen again. He gave me a way to quickly reset my password just in case it happened again. I respect how a small business can benefit having an IT expert behind them. I informed Chris that I will be calling him for any issues from now on in so I don’t have the worry anymore. He is a great guy and I am glad all those people said no.

Dr Amit Arora
Weston Dentistry

Issue: Virus

I was recommended by my brother. The technician came to pick up my Laptop. I expected I would be waiting for a call in 2-3 weeks that it is fixed. A few hours later I was shocked to answer my phone to Chris telling me my viruses were removed and computer was tuned up and protected. He dropped it off & informed me of the laptop being outdated but ensured me that he will be a phone call away to help with anything. I would definitely recommend CPKN Computers to a friend. I was very impressed with the pick up, delivery and speed of service. Many thanks.

Graeme G

Issue: Virus

Google searched for computer repairs Canberra. The listing said CPKN Computers worked from 8am and it was 8:05am, so I rang them first. Silly thing I know, but it is the little things that get people to ring up. The technician, Chris, was definitely polite, also turned up in a nice quality looking car, not some s**tbox. First impressions are everything. Well done. After computer was fixed it never worked so well. I will definitely be recommending them to anyone who is looking for a well priced & honest computer technician. Thanks heaps Chris.

Brad G

Issue: Email Issues

The technician was very polite and knew what he was doing. He helped me understand what was wrong in a manner that I could understand and fixed my issues. I will highly recommend him & CPKN Computers to my friends & family.

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