Virus & Malware

Viruses and other attacks are a common thing in the technology world. Anything from playing games with you to the extremes of hijacking your Computer and putting it up for ransom for which you must pay money to get it back! CPKN Computers will help you remove any unwanted threats, check up on your protection software and/or ensure you have the best protection. If you have strange and/or suspicious activity coming from your computer, Turn off your computer and arrange a appointment with us ASAP.

Sometimes there will be a time when you cannot recover from an attack and a “Refresh” will need to be done. We help check & backup your personal files then help you restart from scratch, ensuring you can get back to as close as you can to how your computer was before it’s demise.

CPKN Computers Alert:

We have seen an increase of infected users to what are known as Ransomware/Encryption Viruses.

What these do depends on the virus. Some hide your files and desktop icons like they were moved/taken/deleted, some take over the entire computer, telling you why, or the worse of all, semi uses the take over style but encrypts your files or entire C: Drive that all in the end can be removed by paying an X amount of money.

If you have been infected by something like this, STOP!, disconnect your internet and turn off your Computer. Whether or not you have a time limit, call us ASAP to begin our removal processes.

Be warned, Encryption style viruses/malware will highly likely require paying the demand if you do not want to lose the data, BUT! we have some tricks that can be attempted to recover little to all data.

Encryption viruses are usually paid for due to the severe impact on losing those files, but more often than not, paying usually ends up with your files destroyed and out of pocket anywhere from $100-5000+AUD anyway.

(Depending on the demand, usually based on who you are and what you have)

Not infected?

Well you ain’t out of the woods, and may never be.

Keep updated/install anti-virus software (we recommend Norton Security Premium).

Backup your files regularly!

Never open things that look suspicious. This includes things from trusted people or sites. Norton Security Premium has a toolbar that will tell you what sites are looking safe or not. If you have Outlook Desktop installed, Norton has an email scanner.

Most of these viruses come in fake file types or .zip files. If you are unsure, don’t touch until you can confirm.

If you get an email from a trusted person but only expect to be aware of what you are receiving, ask them if they did. What usually happens is, hackers may manage to get details about your friends/family/work mates etc, this can be from your email been hacked and contacts taken or even social media sniffing if they get your personal details.

We have seen emails with the name of the trusted person sending something, not realizing the email address isn’t actually the same, yet just because the name was there, means its fine. They open, then boom, infected.

Keep Passwords safe, making sure they are different for every password protected place you have, enabling 2-Step Verification where possible.

Norton Security Toolbar comes with “The Vault”. This can be used to save your passwords and allow it to Auto-fill your info when needed so you don’t have to remember the password and keep it safe from criminals. The Vault encrypts your data with one of the best encryption processes out there and sends it securely to Norton Servers. The Vault Password is not saved anywhere and is required locally to access your User & Password info.

Need more info or help, call now!


Spyware can and usually is the “Scout” or “Pre-Attacker” for hacking and viruses. Spyware is usually used to track what you do on the internet and gather information about you (Also known as Ad-ware) to send to others to help with things like advertisement without your permission. When used in a malicious way, it can help record your personal information, bank details, change your Computer setting which causes slow internet, Computer or software and tries to direct your Computer to enable full access to your attacker or other attackers.

CPKN Computers Recommends:

Always keep your Anti-Virus Up-to-Date and have a check-up from us every 3-6 months to ensure you are well protected.

Think you may have a Virus?