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Why we are excited for Framework Laptops

Why we are excited for Framework Laptops

Why we are excited for Framework Laptops

Framework Laptop

We want to share with you why we are excited for Framework Laptops in Australia.

Framework are a exciting Company who are flipping the script when it comes to Repair, Upgrade and Replacement of Laptop Components.


Framework have opened their doors to Australia!

You can start pre-ordering now, with a $100 Deposit. Orders start shipping from October!

Who are Framework

Founded by Nirav Patel, Framework is a Company to change how we deal with broken Laptops and the time when it could do with an upgrade.

Consumer Products are increasingly becoming throw away items. As soon as you break something, you are pressured to buying new.

CPKN Computers is a repair Business to provide the opportunity to repair and/or replace parts to your various devices, however, even then, Electronics Companies have not participated with easy accessible spare parts and can even build with complexity or make it next to impossible to repair (Manufacturers like Apple Rivet their Keyboards instead of using screws to make it harder to replace the Keyboard). Even spare parts at times can cost closer to new, making it not necessarily worthwhile to do a repair/replacement and instead, buying new.

The great thing about Desktop PC’s is the ability to buy Custom. We can build you a Desktop with individual parts that is easier to upgrade and replace.

Laptops are devices that don’t have that level of accessibility to do the same.

Another issue with the throw away Industry is Environmental impact. Globally, we roughly create over 50 million tons of e-waste. Improving on Recycling is a big part of getting more environmentally friendly, but reducing the e-waste is a good starting point while we can figure out the best way to recycle.

It has always been peddled that for lasting electronics, even with almost all consumer products, is to make it heavy, ugly, thick, use extreme amounts of materials and/or expensive. Framework is wanting to change this by flipping the script and making Laptop products that look nice yet are environmentally friendly, easily repaired/replace parts and even upgrade.

The Framework Laptop

Why we are excited for Framework Laptops

To tackle repair, replace, upgrade and environment, Framework have created a Laptop that is fully customizable.

Everything inside is labelled and has a QR Code to scan, where it will give you details on the component and how to remove/install that component.
It is made with components that are easy to remove, so no adhesive, no exotic screws, just simple parts and magnets to lock it all together.

You will get an environmentally friendly package that has everything you need to get your laptop going.

Why we are excited for Framework Laptops
Why we are excited for Framework Laptops

Another great feature is the Expansion Cards.

You get to choose what side ports you want/need to get the best experience. Choose from USB-C, USB-A, Micro-SD, HDMI, Display Port, Storage and coming soon – Ethernet Port. There are 4 slots, 2 on either side. You can have all 4 as USB-C or mix and match.

Why we are excited for Framework Laptops

Is it right for me?

Short answer – depends, but for the average user, YES!

The laptop has a nice, sleek design.
If you need a powerful Laptop with amazing graphics for your design/gaming needs, then this laptop may not get you there.

This laptop is for casual to mid-range users. It is a Windows Laptop, so if you are in the Apple environment, looking to jump ship, this Laptop would be an excellent device to grab, especially since Framework is the complete opposite when it comes to Repair/Upgrade/Replace.

We encourage good reparability from Manufacturers. Framework cuts this worry out for the consumer, like yourself. But if you still feel stuck, CPKN Computers is always ready to help you.

Having more control over a device that is notorious of being locked down is why we are super excited for it, as we enjoy building Custom PC’s.
Further improvements can bring up further customization options, making a very personalized portable machine. Frameworks continued success can change the game.

We love the efforts for the environment, making it better for recycling and reduction in waste.

Most of all, this makes competitors have to think about how they make their products and how they should proceed in the future, which includes sustainability, reparability, replaceability and upgradability.

Framework does not currently take orders for Australia, however, we hope that their success allows them to bring it to our shores so we can all bask in the awesomeness this product can bring.
It’s Coming to Australia! Check out the Update at the start of the post.

Check out Framework for more details and how they are going.