How annoying can it be when something does not go as planned when using your Technology? Your Computer shutters, freezes, makes weird noises, gets a blue screen of death.
Next time it happens, let us help you solve it.
We can come to you or do Remote Support to troubleshoot both hardware and software problems and will either find a solution or recommend options.


Motherboard dead? We can replace it. Faulty RAM slowing things down or causing a headache? We can upgrade it!

Diagnose & Replace faulty parts

We will diagnose any faulty components and replace them as necessary. If the faulty component/s is a specific part which needs to be ordered in, the machine will be taken offsite for repairs where the component/s will be replaced when it arrives in stock.

Install Software and/or Drivers

Sometimes, repairing software or Operating Systems won’t/can’t happen, this is when reinstalling help resolve issues.
Drivers are a bit of software to tell your Operating System what the particular Hardware is, what it does and how to use it. When Hardware plays up, updating/reinstalling Drivers can help resolve typical issues.

Laptop, Tablet, Phone Repairs

If you have issues with your Laptop/Tablet/Phone, such as the screen, keyboard, pad etc is busted, don’t feel the need to give up and buy a new one, call us to have your Laptop/Tablet/Phone checked over for possible repairs.

Call us on 02 6183 5012 or use our enquiry form

Call us on 02 6183 5012 or use our enquiry form