Warranty Claim

    For Refunds:

    You understand and agree that you cannot undo remedy. Seeking further services after refund, you will be subject to pay for any goods and services by CPKN Computers, including if it is regarding the claim.

    For Replacements:

    Immediate Replacement Remedies that are accepted for Order, there is no refund or replacement for change of mind.
    Cost for workmanship is covered in this remedy, unless you ask us to go beyond the scope of the Warranty Service being provided, of which you must pay extra costs to cover such services/goods.

    Replacements will be exact, equivalent or upgraded or by your choosing - downgraded. If the cost to replace is more than the cost the item was sold to you at, then you must cover the extra cost. Subject to the downgrade, you may be refunded X amount between the original cost and the downgraded cost.

    The Faulty Item will be sent for the Warranty Process, you do not get to have it back if you are being provided a remedy.
    If the Claim deems that the fault was subject to user error, such as, but not limited to:

    Water Damage
    Electrical Damage from misuse or other fault external from the item
    Misuse of the item, including not using the item as intended
    Insufficient maintenance of the item that may have prevented fault

    You may be subject to pay for the recommended remedy, such as replacement of item or repair.

    If you have been provided a Refund or Replacement Remedy before the Warranty Service is complete, and the fault is found to be outside Warranty inclusion, you will be requested to return the refund or the cost of the replacement item IMMEDIATELY. Failure to do so within the agreed time (normally 7 Days), a Debt Collector will be issued, along with a $100 Admin Fee on top.