I wanted a custom PC so I could have great power when doing my media projects. I am also a gamer so It would be nice to play some great games on Max Settings. I wasn’t very knowledgeable in what parts to get in a computer. I went to JB HiFi for help and the man told me I was better off to buy a Custom PC as Retail Computers are very wishy washy when it comes to finding a specific setup. I went to a few computer shops and found that they would try and build what they want rather than make sure it’s what I want. I turned to the internet. Google searching “best Custom PC to build” turned out to be a very challenging prospect. Then I noticed CPKN Computers had an ad about Custom PC’s. I was directed to the website and read that they will work with you every step of the way. They did have preset builds but were not enforcing you to only pick one of those. Instead, they could start with those and then mix & match to suit your needs. I needed to see what was written was true. I called up and we arranged a free consultation.

I was met by Chris who was very bubbly and nice. We sat down and discussed every aspect to match my needs to the computer I needed to succeed. He showed me pictures and told me the process from start to finish. I was so happy.  So I rounded up the money and paid, he immediately purchased the parts and told me he will keep me posted on the progress. I was emailed and text the progress. A few days later, I was called to be told my computer was ready to be delivered and setup. Chris went through everything step by step and made sure I was happy. I never knew how great it was getting a Custom built PC! He told me he will book a 3 month appointment for my computer for it’s free check up to make sure it was going well. I cannot wait to start getting into it and start my projects and games. Thanks Chris!