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Issue: Desktop PC would not start properly and beeping

After being flooded with so many different answers by searching the internet, I gave up and decided I would most likely not get this fixed for free. I went on searching for a computer expert who could come to me rather than lugging my tower on the bus to a computer store. I found a few but was shocked at how expensive they were, one was expecting $74 per half hour and informed me it may take 3-4 hours to pin point the issue! After 45 minutes of searching, I came across CPKN Computers on Facebook.

This lead me to a post that said fixed pricing. I clicked on the link to the website and it felt very pleasing. I called up straight away to make an inquiry. The technician reassured me he would help me 110% to get my computer running again. Instead of telling me it would cost me this much per half hour or even an hour, nor tell me it will take him hours to work out, he asked me what was happening, he focused on the issue first, not the money. When I told him it wasn’t booting up properly and had beeping, the technician immediately stopped me and asked how it sounded. When I told him, he straight away had a suspicion something was wrong with my Memory. The technician arranged coming over to my place which was exactly what I wanted, to see what was going on.

After he examined my computer and the memory sticks, he informed me one seemed to be dead. He used a weird card that plugs into the computer & double checked his findings. He told me he would take it back to base, test it in another computer and be certain it was dead. In the mean time, the computer started to work with 1 stick but with my setup, needed more memory to work properly. He said if it was dead that he would buy a new stick to use. 2 hours later he called asking if he could come over and install a new stick and informed me that my one did break. He installed it and stayed until he was satisfied everything was working well and I was happy. After seeing that, I was more than happy to pay for his services.

As a woman, I was worried I needed to have knowledge, like a woman taking a car to a mechanic to not get ripped off just because of being a girl. The technician was very professional and polite, which made me feel at ease that he wasn’t treating me any different.

There isn’t enough stars! 6 out of 5!

I would recommend.