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Android N Becomes Android Nougat

Android N Becomes Android Nougat

Google finally announced a name for the new Android OS Version. Google decided to ask at the Google I/O Conference if we, the people, can decide the name of the next Android Update, now up to Version 7.0.

With a webpage activated, Google awaited the names to flow through, counting the good majority to finalize the request. By the title of this Article, you can very well guess, the people decided Nougat.

Compared to the other names, and their flowing, bubbly feel, Nougat didn’t hit the mark for us like something along the lines of — Nutella.

It was surprising to see Nougat as the winner when Android N was always talked about around the web as Nutella or even Nutmeg, when people asked “What name should be for ‘N’?”.

On Android’s Facebook Page, even in the comments, people were wondering the same thing:

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Android Nougat is currently up for Beta Testing with its release just around the corner.

Do you like the Name for the new Android Update? Did you prefer a different one?

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