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Apple Device Users with Windows Uninstall Quicktime

Apple Device Users with Windows Uninstall Quicktime

Hello everyone,

A few days ago, Security Firm Trend Micro discovered 2 Security flaws with the Quicktime App for Windows.

When Trend Micro approached Apple about this discovery and info on getting them patched, Apple subtly noted that they are no longer supporting Quicktime on the Microsoft Windows Platform!

Not officially announcing this to everyone on a Windows Device while using Apple Products and Services or having Quicktime in general is outrageous!

The security flaws are serious ones. They can be used to control your PC and start doing damage.

Anyone using Quicktime on a Windows PC, we urge you to get rid of it ASAP! If you are unsure or even if you think you don’t have it, CHECK!

Of course, Quicktime is old and pointless these days with comments around the web stating things like:

Who is still using Quicktime in todays age!?

Well you would be surprised at how easily you can find yourself trying to access something relating to Apple, only to find that it stops you if you don’t have Quicktime installed.

Apple did make word that the current Apple Apps Installer/Updater for things like iTunes etc, has no Quicktime. This doesn’t help at all.

If you have issues with getting rid of Quicktime or think you may already have been compromised, contact us straight away!

What do you think about Apple not warning anybody about not supporting Quicktime for Windows?

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