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Apple Keynote Event March 2016

Apple Keynote Event March 2016

Hello everyone,

On March 22nd at 4am AEST, Apple will kick off the year with its 2016 Keynote to announce their new products.

This Event shouldn’t be the Main Event that usually holds the major releases of products like the upcoming rumoured iPhone 7.

We will be doing a Live Blog of the Event as it happens, here on CPKN Computers.

What to Expect from the March 2016 Keynote

A New Small iPhone

Back in 2014, Apple introduced its 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, to battle Samsung’s Galaxy devices and other jumbo-sized Android phones.
Last year they didn’t do as much to the 6S/6S Plus, and now sales have slowed down.

Enter the smaller iPhone 5SE – or what people are calling it currently, which is being suspected to look like a 5S on the outside but an iPhone 6 or 6S on the inside.
It should come with the big features like Apple Pay and 3D Touch, but expected to be at a better price range for those who cannot afford the premium 6S Series.

Updated iPad

As to be expected, we should see updates to other iPad’s like the iPad Air 2.

Microsoft Surface has been killing the iPad and its sales. Apple will need to do something to help bring life to the device to convince consumers to go iPad. But unfortunately, Microsoft just got something that will likely always be better.

New Apple Watch bands and Software

Likely we will see new bands for the Apple Watch, some updates to its OS ready for the new iOS 9.3 OS that would be surprising if nothing about it is talked about.

A feature people like to talk about is “Night Shift” – which changes the display to make it “easier on your eyes” before you go to bed.

FBI Dispute

Apple would want to share their side of the story of the FBI Encryption Crack Case and let everyone know why it ISN’T a good idea to make software that can bypass Security of iPhone’s etc.

Asking Apple to do something like that is like asking them to open Pandora’s Box. Government Agencies promise to be very strict and lawful with such a powerful tool, but we already know how that will go, especially the blurred lines in the “Patriot Act”.

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