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Microsoft OneDrive Changes


We wrote a post about Cloud Storage not too long ago. You can read “Let’s Talk About Cloud” and get a comparison on the different Cloud Storage services but with some changes to the OneDrive section.

Microsoft posted this Tweet:

Here is now the new run down of Microsoft OneDrive Changes:

 Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive’s individual plans are billed annually but can be billed monthly. There 1TB OneDrive for Business option has a promotional price of $2.50 per user per month until September 2014. After that, it’s $5 per user per month.

  • Free storage: 7GB Now 15GB
  • Free Camera Storage: 7GB Now stated as 3GB
  • Office 365 Personal includes 20GB 1TB for 1 user/device for $89 per year (paying annually saves you 17%)
  • Office 365 Home includes 20GB 1TB (per user) for 5 users/devices (PC, Tablet, Mac & iPad) for $119 per year (paying annually saves you 17%)
  • Office 365 Small Business (follow link for details) $13.50 per user, per month up to 25 users

Buying Extra Storage is stated in the blog as US Prices but should still fundamentally keep the “more than 70%” discount format.

  • 50GB for $25 per year Changed to Monthly, $5.99 Now $1.80
  • 100GB for $50 per year Changed to Monthly, $8.99 Now $2.70
  • 200GB for $100 per year Changed to Monthly, $13.99 Now $4.20

This is not accurate and we will update this post when official prices come out.

So now, you will get 15GB free plus 3GB for Camera plus if you can get max referrals of friends & family, another 5GB, totalling 23GB free. All people with special increases will have them rolled over. Then getting a 365 subscription would mean a potential of 1.23TB of storage for $12 a month. This is ridiculously awesome!

 When will we see it?

They will be rolling it out in the next month or so. Plus they are working on getting the annoying 2GB file limit increased.

So this should have a comparison to Google Drive, the highly popular cloud storage solution.

OneDrive vs Google Drive:

Free storage: 15GB vs 15GB (with Camera Roll and Referrals, becomes 23GB vs 15GB)

100GB: $2.70 vs $1.99 (123GB for extra $0.70)

1TB: $12 (With Office 365) or $21 (200GB x 5)  vs $9.99 (1.23TB for extra $2 [Office], $11 [x5])

For free, OneDrive wins. For price, Google wins. For features, slight extra $$$ gives you much better experiences with OneDrive that it may just make you forget you are slightly paying more.

All services have their strengths and weaknesses, but it will be up to your wants & needs to determine what you feel works for you.

We believe offline storage is best for value for money with a combination of free storage.