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Refund Scam – Glitter Bombs & Money Mules

Scammers, they are everywhere, taking advantage of the vulnerable with some of the most simplistic to the most sophisticated Scams you have ever seen.

Scams can fool some of the best of us, even if you are conscious and wary of scams.

Refund Scams are a type of scam that can do some high damage in regards to money, because they usually base it on the “Transfer Mistake”, normally “made by the victim”.

3 Men/YouTubers, Mark Rober – An Ex-NASA Engineer, Jim Browning – White Hat Hacker | Cyber Security Expert | Anti-Scammer & Scammer Payback (Pierogi) – Cyber Security Expert | Anti-Scammer, have come together to fight against one of the biggest scams around the world.

Mark Rober, an Engineer, got his name known for his “Glitter Bomb” Device to fight against Porch Pirates. Now, with his continued upgrades to his Device, Mark wants to Glitter Bomb the higher ups who do Scams.

Glitter Bomb Phone Scammers with Jim Browning & Pierogi

Jim Browning – An Ethical Hacker, jumped on YouTube to bait Scammers to waste their time. However, Jim, being a Ethical Hacker, is known for his keen penetrating techniques to access the Scammers Computers, Networks and even Security Cameras!
Now, Jim is helping out with Investigations to find the bosses and Scammers running the Operation.

Catching Money Mules with Mark Rober & Pierogi

Pierogi – His real name is unknown, but he works in the Cyber Security Industry and has jumped on YouTube to scammer bait and waste their time.
Mark & Jim got the help of Pierogi to see if he could get a call from — to get an Address to a Scammer Location.

Glitterbomb A Real Life Scammer (Featuring Mark Rober)

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Always be wary of Phone Calls, Text Messages, Emails, Social Media, Pop-ups and Websites as you try to surf through this Digital World we live in.

Callers will use “Legitimate” Government & Business entities or make believe entities that sound “legit”, so if you are being told you are in trouble that will get you arrested or owing lots of money, don’t panic, especially if you have no idea why or how – Contact a friend or an expert. Government Departments normally will have other means of contacting you, but do call them directly. For Businesses, research them first, or if you are unsure, call/visit a local IT Expert or head to a police station.

Never follow Text or Email Links. Don’t open Email Attachments if you are not sure or expecting it. Check Spelling, the Number that sent it, the email address.

Be careful if you get odd messages or see odd posts from a friend or Family Member on Social Media like Facebook etc They could have had their Account hacked.

Don’t follow strange Pop-ups on websites, especially if they say your Device is at risk.

Be careful going through unknown websites, especially if they look strange, have missing content expected, errors, things not loading, spelling mistakes, links to nowhere.

Read our PDF on How to Spot Scammers and Malicious Acts to get an idea on what to look for. We try to update it when new information and methods come out.

Report Scam Attempts to SCAMWATCH or even us.

Visit our Scam Support Page to get Tools, Tips and Information regarding Scams.