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Steve Jobs wishes went with him to the Grave

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We at CPKN Computers​ try to be neutral in the Technology game, but we are annoyed at how dull, pointing out the elephant in the room has been.

Apple have gone too far and Steve Jobs wishes are lost forever.

… if you see a stylus, they blew it.

[notdevice]- Steve Jobs[/notdevice]

[device]- Steve Jobs[/device]

During the first iPhone, Steve made it clear that it will be a touchscreen that works with your finger, even going as far as saying the stylus is “YAAACCHH”.
Throughout the rest of the time, including for iPad, Steve shuttered to the thought of a Stylus and said:

handwriting is probably the slowest input method ever invented. It was doomed to failure.

It looks like a Pencil, Feels like a Pencil, Acts like a Pencil, even called Apple Pencil, but it will still always be… a stylus.

Adding the Keyboard was icing on the cake. iPad has become everything Steve never wanted out of a Tablet.

On top of that, if you take a photo of the iPad Pro with the keyboard and “Pencil” from a distance and asked someone off the street, “what tablet is this?”, you will most likely hear “Microsoft Surface”. We would bet even more that if you took a distant photo of the Surface and went around to the love struck Apple users, they would say “iPad Pro”.

A line is still drawn and you would faint to the amount of subtle copycat things every company does, and many lawsuits that you possibly never realize happen, but the copycat line normally gets stretched, not crossed as Apple have done.

iPad Pro will still sell along with all its over-priced, outdated tech.

We think Apple, Google & Microsoft should get together and teach each other their strengths. That way, the other companies don’t get destroyed by one who can dazzle with something, only to be toppled by another company that dazzles something the others don’t have.

Then it would be an even playing field that requires innovation and originality from each of them to set them apart, rather things like, “We will give you crap, but you love us SSOOO much, you’ll buy it anyways and spit on the competition”.