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Windows Vista Support Ends Today

Windows Vista Support Ends Today

Here it is… Windows Vista Support Ends Today!

January marked the 10th year since Vista was released, today was its last.

Windows Vista was the second most adopted Windows OS behind the ever popular Windows XP when Windows 7 was released in 2009.

Unfortunately, due to steep system requirements and controversial new technologies like User Account Control (UAC) and more restrictive Digital Rights Management (DRM) the OS did not get out of the gate very well.

Windows 7 was Microsoft’s saving grace with Vista permanently tainting the trust of any new OS release until this day – Windows 8 is the best example.

What about Upgrading?

Technically you likely don’t have the requirements to upgrade your current machine. While you can Upgrade to Windows 7, Windows Systems below 10 are now much harder to come by as all Retail has ceased.

For best results, it’s best to upgrade to Windows 7/8.1 if you have any chance to find a legal Product Key, otherwise you are going to be buying into Windows 10, which would be the best option.

Windows 10 is currently at the Anniversary Update, but today is the day that the Creators Update Launches.

If you are a business, you are in a critical time to upgrade to avoid high risk of issues and security holes.

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