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Anti-Virus and Why we Need them

Anti-Virus… Everyone talks about it, everyone has opinions about it…

“It will never happen to me.”
“I won’t click on anything I don’t recognize.”
“Only uneducated computer users get viruses.”
“I/You don’t need to pay for antivirus software.”

Do any of these statements sound familiar?
As we’re all aware, we live in an ever-changing world in regards to technology. Ask yourself, do you keep up with the latest cyber-security threats and viruses?

You may be thinking that a free antivirus is a good, cost-effective solution. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Think for a moment, what motivation does a company have for offering a good free antivirus product? Many of the companies that offer free antivirus products also offer a paid version. Which version do you think is the most up-to-date? Which version do you think is the most efficient at keeping your computer safe? The paid version of course, the one they are being paid to make good. Many free antivirus software include advertisements. Many times these advertisements are often the cause of infections in the first place! By purchasing a good antivirus upfront you are essentially guaranteeing yourself to be virus free. Lets say you disregard any advice and use a free antivirus; if you become infected, the cost to clean the virus has cost you at least 1 and a half times the amount the paid antivirus would have cost on the front end.

Free Anti-Virus are giving you basic tools, while you think they are helping you automatically, you will find that many require user interaction to use it at its full potential, even then, the features you see on paid versions are not all there on the free version.

At the end of the day, people are putting effort into making something to protect you the best they can, you have a job that pays you to do things related to your job, so do they.

We are not saying you can have 100% protection with any Software, but you are risking yourself using free versions.

What about Microsoft & Apple? They have Built-in Security?

Both Apple and Microsoft tend to focus on their money making products. Apple have more effort in their Security Team, Apple prides themselves on being as close to “100% safe”, but in reality, they are way off.

Microsoft concentrate on Windows more, relying on the vast array of 3rd Party Software installed on their Product. Microsoft Windows has the largest Share of Users compared to Apple, hence more Malware and Viruses affect Windows, leaving Apple the “Safer” place to be. They both do not have a good track record for keeping your Device safe from malicious things.

What do you think?

Are you a Free User or a Paid User? Lets hope more paid users and the free users think about moving to paid!

We Recommend Norton by Symantec: