The biggest thing Apple pushed toward consumers against Microsoft was “Apple products don’t get Viruses or get Hacked” which consumers lived by for arguments sake at Windows users.

We at CPKN Computers always try to warn consumers that this is not the case.

At the end of the day, Windows is the most used Operating System in the world and therefore hackers and organized crime is more worth while on Windows Products.

The more people get Apple, the more it’s worth attacking.

CPKN Computers do recommend Windows, specifically Windows 8.1. Windows have jumped up to par with Apple OSX in all aspects that was going against Windows. This statement is important for the “no Viruses, No Hacks” aspect of the argument.

That being said, iPhone & iPad are the most popular Mobile/Tablet other than Android and combined with Macs, have made attacks worth while.

So, what has happened? Australian Apple users has alerted Apple and other Apple users of a hack that Hijacks your Apple device and stating they were attacked by “Oleg Pliss”.

The hijack locks your device and asks you to “pay $100USD to a PayPal Account and  have it removed OR have your device wiped!”

This hack was linked to a email account which made PayPal confused since it wasn’t linked with a PayPal account to accept the payments. Even if it was, PayPal reassured everyone that you are protected by PayPal’s Buyer Protection.

All financial details are protected and cannot be accessed by the hacker.

This goes to show that Apple users need to be more careful for the future as all the great reason to by Apple has pretty much gone. This is especially so for Android Users, due to the massive open ended product on the market.

Apple Users: Keep Security up to date.

Android/Windows: Get a security program, we recommend Norton 360. It protects very well and can be installed on Android Devices.


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