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Australian Legislation and Your Privacy

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IPVanish, the world’s leading tier-1 VPN (Virtual Private Network), offers fully owned, private security servers providing the encryption that Australians need, following new legislation.

Recent Australian metadata retention laws require that government agencies obtain individuals’ and businesses’ private online data.

By using IPVanish VPN software, all online activity passes through an encrypted tunnel in an offshore location, rendering individual user identity secure and anonymous. Prying government agencies will no longer be able to view personal data, so users have the ability to browse and communicate online freely and without the worry of privacy being at stake.

The recent metadata retention laws require that confidential data from regular users as well as businesses be collected by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and telecommunications companies, now part of at least 21 agencies of executive government. The intention of these new laws aims to seek out and prevent crime and domestic terrorism; however, the collection of metadata, including calls, texts, and emails is prompting many to see this as a serious threat to individual privacy.

CPKN Computers & IPVanish understand the seriousness of security to all Australians, but at the same time, the Government, to point out just 1 issue to this, are basically calling all Australians, criminals or potential criminals. Not only that, but things like political views will be monitored so if the Government don’t like your opinions, it can be abused.

We need to be able to trust our Government, looking out for our best interest, but at the same time, many Australians have a tough time with trust after scandals and lies from all walks of Government, including around the world, so it is hard to trust what is being done with our data & communications, and that is completely fair.

The entities who obtain user data will have access to things like, account holder information, where communication is being made, the date, time, channel, and duration of the communication, as well as what type of delivery service is being used, such as cable or Wi-Fi.

Despite these metadata retention laws, tier-1 VPN providers like IPVanish offer a solution for Australians to maintain their right to online privacy. Most VPN providers run their service on borrowed equipment, resulting in slower speeds and less security. IPVanish runs their own state-of-the art tier-1 network, offering customers best-in-class connection speeds and bulletproof security. Another essential component of a VPN service is keeping no logs.


Are you concerned about your privacy? Is this a good thing or bad thing or both? Let us know in the comments below.