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Build 2017 Day 1 Keynote Recap

Microsoft Build 2017

The Recap

The keynote started off with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talking about various things, including Windows 10 now having 500 million monthly active devices, having grown 25% since last September when the count was 400 million. They certainly have done well, but it isn’t the one billion Windows 10 users Microsoft hoped get by 2019. But hey, half way there!

The rest of the Keynote focused on Azure and the Cloud using Microsoft Products and Services.

They showed off new features for Azure and how businesses around the world are using Azure to have a System that allows them to Grow better then they ever did.
Satya and the team talked about all the different devices and how to make sure Microsoft Services can ensure that communication and synchronization is solid and reliable, categorizing things by “Intelligent Cloud” and “Intelligent Edge”.

They showed off all the new tools they have built into Azure and showed of Visual Studio for Mac.
They even created another Collaboration Software, this time for meetings, so Businesses can have information and data right at their fingertips. They call it “Microsoft Teams”.

The Day 1 Keynote was focused on Developers and ensuring them that Microsoft want to help them succeed.

The greatest things (we think) of all on this Keynote is Haiyan Zhang, a Microsoft Researcher who dedicated herself to help people with Parkinson’s disease to somewhat have function in writing and drawing again. It really does pull on the heart strings!

If you are interested further or work in the Azure side of Tech, we encourage you to watch the Keynote above.

Stay tuned for more info coming out of Build 2017!