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Internet Explorer 8 | 9 | 10 Funeral on January 12th 2016

Internet Explorer 8 | 9 | 10 Funeral on January 12th 2016

It has finally come. Those of you who are still using older versions of Windows and indeed Internet Explorer are encouraged to pay their respects and move to a better future.

No longer will Web Developers require to support the old Browsers, allowing more room to grow with the current available.

All versions below 11 will cease to have updates to it, including Security Updates, meaning you will indeed become vulnerable to malicious attacks.
Patch KB3123303 will go live on January 12th that will bring up a pop-up notification to warn you to update your Browser to version 11 – if you haven’t already.

The best thing to do is move to IE 11 or if you are using Windows 8.1/10, you are already fine, Windows 8.1/10 come with IE 11 or you can use Windows 10 Edge Browser.

Check which version you are using:

For those of you as a home user or business – that are running an Operating System lower than 7, you are in for a bit of a pickle.
Google already announced it would discontinue Chrome support for XP & Vista from April 2016.
Firefox is the only one left of the major browsers that still support older versions of Windows with no “current plans” to stop support, however that could change at any time.
However, technically speaking, the browsers on older versions of Windows would still rely on the Operating Systems security, meaning you are only just as safe on the browser as the OS, therefore you will be unsafe on XP and technically safe on Vista until 2017.

If you are on Windows 7 and don’t use IE 11, then you are good, but to be safe, install IE 11 if you haven’t already.

IE 11 can be downloaded through “Windows Update” or the official site:

Update: Due to critical core components within Windows that uses IE, you are urged to update to IE 11, even if you use another 3rd party!