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iPhone 6 user turns to Microsoft’s Lumia 930

The iPhone 6 user turns to Lumia 930

As Apple dominates the Mobile market, it seems they, along with their competitor Google, are not convincing everyone that their product is where it’s at.

Everyone has a weak spot and mine is smartphones. I’ve been searching for that “one” device to suit my needs for quite some time now and trust me I have a lot on my daily list. As a web designer and photographer, you have to rely on your phone most of the time when it comes to efficiency, productivity, and quality. I was using the iPhone 6 as my daily driver for five months when I decided to switch to a Lumia 930. I knew I was throwing away a very acclaimed product, but I felt that a Windows Phone could actually be better for me and oh boy was I right.

Mihai Cristian Andrei, a Web Designer & Photographer talks about his big jump to a Windows Phone with Lumia Conversations.

Mihai had an iPhone 6 for 5 months, it seemed great with the hype, but it didn’t fit his needs anymore. So instead of going for what most consider “the next best thing” or again for many “go to the best thing”, being a Google Android Device, Mihai decided to give Windows Phone a go, in particular, the Lumia 930. Since getting it, he hasn’t looked back, now giving his 5 reasons why.

Update: Microsoft have removed everything related to the old Lumia range. The Article has been removed.

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