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Understanding the Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Hi guys,


Just to help make things clear about the big fuss over Windows 10’s “Free” Upgrade. We would like to help you get the best resolution.

If you are running Windows 7 or 8.1, you should of got a little icon by now to show you that you are eligible to get Windows 10 for “Free”. If you have a illegal version, you may still get this icon, but on July 29th, your illegal copy will be checked to make sure you cannot get the proper version of Windows 10 until you agree to buy a license. The security they are implementing won’t hinder the true owners, but don’t think for a second it will be as easy as pie to get an illegal copy of Windows 10.

Windows 7/8.1 users will upgrade to their corresponding versions:

If you dont have the icon, then you may have something wrong. Please run a Windows Update until you have “No Updates”. then restart your computer and check again. If you still don’t have it, you can contact us and we can help you solve the issue. (Remember: you may not have it due to not being eligible to upgrade.)

This is all apparently done via a Windows Update.

For those of you who are looking to get the Preview before the Final Release on the 29th of July, or already have it, you are in a pickle.

It turns out, back when the Preview was released, we were sure that the instructions strongly advised to “Clean Install” Windows 10 rather than upgrading the existing Version you were installing on (Win 7/8.1) to avoid major issues.

Now things have changed, hugely!

It turns out that you were to have a roll back recovery, either by the Manufacturer or your own if it didn’t come with one or using Custom Build, OR use the retail copy to “Clean Install” your original Windows or buy a new license, OR (what changed) they are NOW recommending to “Upgrade your current Windows rather “Clean Install” so you can continue to use the Preview of which will download and roll over the preview to the full version.

Many people using the Preview, whether you followed the clean install route or not were under the impression, that as long as you can register the OEM or Retail Product Key when the Final Version was Installed, things would be fine. So those who have a Roll Back Recovery or created a Duel Boot, you will just need to follow the standard instructions above (The icon). If you clean installed a OEM/Retail Device with no Recovery, No Product Key, you are stuck. You must buy a new Product Key of whatever version you want, we suggest a Windows 8.1 version, or buy Windows 10. (Never remove the Sticker, No matter what the reason. If you buy a PC with no sticker, demand to see the Product Key or you can get an IT Expert to retrieve it before purchase, but we never recommend buying a PC with no sticker.)

If you have no recovery but the OEM Key, you have a good chance to get the free upgrade. You will need to download a ISO file of the Windows Installation that corresponds to that Product Key, eg: If that Product Key was for Windows 7 Home Premium, you need the Home Premium ISO. Now, normally you won’t see a free OEM Version of a ISO, Microsoft sometimes tell you that the OEM provider (eg: HP, DELL) may have a ISO to use. Microsoft however do have the retail version.

You can contact Microsoft for a link to the ISO of Windows you need and burn it to a CD. If you cant use CD, you can use a ISO to USB Converter to make a USB a Bootable Drive.

One thing to note, you may need to do some advanced fiddling with the ISO to make sure the OEM PK works on Retail. If you need to do so, you can contact us for help, but normally, if it doesn’t work, you will be asked to Call Microsoft. Do so to get the reset action going. If they ask, tell them why you had to use a Retail Version to use the OEM Version and they should understand and help you.

Once everything is activated and installed again,


you can do all the updates until the Icon appears and your done. Of course, doing this fix on or after the release, the updates will eventually get to Windows 10, if they are truly using Windows Update to send Windows 10.

Got a retail PK, chances are, you have the CD. If you lost the CD, you will need to follow the OEM Instructions above.

If you used Windows 10 as a Primary Device, we can’t stop you, but that was silly. Backup files you can but any Desktop Apps you installed will need to be done all over again. Modern Apps follow you with your Microsoft Account so they will return when everything is restored. (Previewers are advised to not get fully hooked into Windows 10 unless you “upgraded” to 10 from Windows 7/8.1)

For best experience and easy use, including Syncing and Microsoft Store Apps, you require a Microsoft Account.

Hotmail WAY back in the day maybe was iffy yes, but now is the time to consider Outlook as your Primary email as it will be an excellent experience across devices/services/apps. Of course you can leave using a Microsoft Account or just have it just because and continue to use your current Primary Email.

Hope this helps. Sorry to Previewers for the effort of reinstall if you didn’t do a recovery or Duel Boot.

Any questions or comments, use the comment section below or contact us if you need issues resolved.

Thanks guys.