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Not a Warm Welcome for new Macbook

When Apple officially released the new MacBook a couple months back, eyes popped at the site of a notebook that looks tiny and gorgeous, while feeling as light as a piece of paper. Many people wondered how Apple fit so much in such a tiny notebook. The answer, unfortunately, was that Apple had to leave a lot of things out.

The MacBook not only misses regular USB and Thunderbolt ports, in place of the new standard “USB Type-C”, but is also too thin for a SD card slot. However, Brooke Crothers of Forbes discovered something major that the MacBook is missing:

“I just started using the new 12-inch MacBook and have only realized now that its single port doesn’t work with any current Apple displays – including my LED Cinema display.”

Crothers went on to call Apple twice about not being able to connect the MacBook to any Apple displays and found out that he was right about this.

This is because Apple has included one port – the USB-C. This port is used to connect everything but unfortunately, you will need to purchase adapters depending on the device (no adapter available for Apple display).

This may be the way the future of computing will be, but it’s certainly a disability to the unit right here in the present. Other Manufacturers plan to slowly introduce USB-C with the older versions as a backup until we can fully transition away.

The MacBook has received mixed reviews. One example is Business Insider:

“But the real story with the new MacBook is we’re getting a taste of what the future of computers will look like. External drives won’t matter as we store more stuff in cloud services like Dropbox. Zippy processors won’t matter as we do more and more tasks in a web browser instead of desktop apps.”

Business Insider sums up its review by stating what many others think: the MacBook may not be ideal right now, but it will be all you need in the future.

Patrick O’Rourke of Financial Post believes that Apple’s MacBook is all style and no substance:

“In the end, it’s likely that unless you’re an Apple fanatic, the company’s new MacBook should not be your next laptop purchase. Right now it is largely just an extremely expensive, incredible looking, netbook.”

At the end of the day, the expense of owning a Apple Device or Devices weighs in on its worth vs usability. Apple have made heaps of money off of the fans who are happy to buy expensive devices that match Windows/Google Product – which are half the price in many cases.

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