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Security Working at Home with COVID-19

Security Working at Home with COVID-19

Security working at home with the COVID-19 crisis currently plaguing the world is now a big topic to be discussed.

Businesses who are working from home, must consider all security precautions when doing anything related to the Business.

Meetings, like on Zoom are being exploited by scammers who try to offer up a link that you may believe is for your Business, but instead, takes you to malicious sites.

Zoom already has had 2 exploits patched these last few weeks; and people, including scammers and hackers, are doing what is now being called “Zoom Bombing” which is basically Photo Bombing on meetings or jumping into a meeting without permission.

Here are a list of things to be wary of:

  1. Emails will be more frequent, so make sure you are watching what you click on, such as links or downloading the attachments to your computer.
  2. Fake URL’s/Links to Meeting Software like Skype or Zoom.
  3. Scammers calling or texting as Government Officials or high corporate Businesses asking you to do things regarding COVID-19 unsolicited.
  4. Ensure employees are secure with security software and even VPN, especially when BYO Devices are used.

Things to Consider:

If you use Zoom, make sure you password protect the Meeting, ensuring it is strong.
Ensure you set secure settings, such as only the host can share their screen, to prevent any unwanted images/videos being displayed.
Turn off ability for other “guests” of meetings to take screen sharing/remote control of parties in the meeting.

If you are a business that uses Microsoft Office 365, it would be a fine time to look at Microsoft Teams!

Teams is a great piece of software for Collaboration, Communication & Sharing.

You will be able to divide your business into teams, create tasks, have meetings, progress reporting, share files and everything in between.
Teams Meetings can also be utilized for Customers, so for businesses who do face to face chats (eg Medical), you can send an invite via Teams or Outlook and do Audio/Video Meetings with Customers.

We also recommend Norton by Symantec for Employees so they are safe from Malware and Viruses. Knowing your employees are safe as possible when online means you know your business will be.

For VPN Users, Norton 360 comes with VPN, so it is a convenient way to access another security feature in the one place.

Of course, if you are a home user or a business who needs assistance working from Home, do not hesitate to contact us.

We can arrange Audio/Visual Meetings, Remote Support and where needed, On-Site Support.