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Technology News April 2015

Technology News

Hello again, welcome to Technology News April 2015 edition.


Windows XP – according to Net Applications – is now down to 16.9% of users in March, placing it still 2nd as most used following Windows 7 (58%) and ahead of 8/8.1. (14% together). Being second is a serious worry as back in April 2014, XP lost its full support from Microsoft along with many Software Developers and Hardware Vendors slowly removing support. It is advised to upgrade your system to a newer OS, we recommend not to follow the false negative reaction to Windows 8.1 and move to it but if you really want, goto Windows 7 – which has lost its Mainstream Support from Microsoft. Windows 10 was announced as a free upgrade if you are a 7 or 8 user for the first year.

Since the End of Support, Google announced that Chrome for XP will end support within the next year – atleast into April 2016 – which means that anybody using XP and Chrome may run into security risks and bugs.

Microsoft started to roll out “Skype for Business” on the 14th of April and expect to finish by the end of May. Businesses that use Lync will transition to Skype for Business but still have the UI style seen in Lync. Get more information from the Office Website.

Between the 29th of April until May 1st, Microsoft Build 2015 kicked off.

Windows is still announced as a “Summer” release but rumors suggest that AMD popped the answer out, pegging it as a Late July release. As part of the Insider Program, we have seen a lot of improvement but still see the need to work on it more to perfect it. If we want to predict anything, it would be more like October/November release.

Continuum, a new system created within Windows 10 has now come to the phone! If you only have a phone and need to do some editing of documents or do a presentation, Windows Phones can now be connected to Display’s from a PC or TV that will convert the Phone Experience to the PC Experience. Yes! you ain’t reading it wrong. Since Microsoft have created Windows 10 to unlock apps to become a “Universal” App, developers that build apps on the Desktop will have their app use the Universal system that scales up or down to the appropriate system detected size. So while the Windows Phone has its own experience to use PowerPoint as an example, the Continuum software will detect you have connected your phone to a screen that you would use as a Windows Desktop and transition the phone to a Desktop Experience. You will see the phone setup on screen but when you go into that Windows Phone PowerPoint app, it won’t show the phone version on screen, it will use the Universal detection and convert it to Windows 10 Desktop App! As windows 10 is built as one that loads the same on all devices, it means peripherals will work on the Phone, meaning all you then need to do is connect a Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse to the phone to use on-screen to start using the apps on the Desktop screen or TV.

Watch Windows segment on Continuum for Windows Phone:


(YouTube Video Deleted)

Microsoft plan to see 1 billion devices running Windows 10 in the 2-3 years after release that, according to Terry Myerson, is 500,000 more than Google Android KitKat OS and “a lot more” than Apple.

Also at the Conference, Microsoft announced “Project Spartan” – the new Browser that will replace Internet Explorer – has now been named. Introducing, “Microsoft Edge”:


(YouTube Video Deleted)

Another announcement during the Build is the extended visions of Microsoft’s “Universal App”.

The plan is to have a simple way of porting code from an Android or iOS app to be created and used in Windows 10. With the combination of Web, .NET/Win32, Java, C++ and Objective C coding disciplines, Windows 10 should be able to tackle anything you throw at it.

The Build Conference ends on May 1st. Check back here for more updates from the last day.


(YouTube Video Deleted)

Update 02/05/15:

Microsoft has announced a new Technical Build, Build 10079. Check out our review.


Apple’s Apple Watch has been the talk of the town this past month. Recently, delay’s of the Watch has partly come down to the “taptic engine” manufactured by Chinese components maker AAC Technologies was found to be defective, breaking down over time. The taptic engine enables some of the key features of the Apple Watch. The device uses a motor to mimic the feeling of being tapped or buzzed on the wrist, allowing users to discretely receive notifications about messages or directions while using Apple Maps. Apple Watch users also can send the feeling of their heartbeat to other watch owners, thus the defect causing the experience to turn limp. They should fix this problem in no time flat but some customers who have received their Watch may be affected and its advised to take it into an Apple Store for a fix or replacement.

Apple has taken the number 1 spot in China as the top selling Phone device over China’s own company “Xiaomi”, who create Android based Phone devices.

To help customers of rival devices “stop wasting away on inferior products” – Apple fans say as they praise the policy – have implemented a “Buy-Back” like program where you can trade in your Microsoft or Google devices as credit toward your new Apple devices. For those who look to jump on the Apple bandwagon will like this during their removal phase of their “old” devices.


Google have been fighting many different lawsuits and working on improving their products. Google news has been faded at best from the limelight due to Apple’s Watch craze and Microsoft Build 2015. Let’s hope more eventful news comes next month.

Samsung have released the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge. There are mixed emotions with some loving it, where others now feeling it to be gimmicky. The Edge spots the curved screen as seen on Samsung Curved TV’s, but with its own style. The Edge has what is being dubbed as a “Third Screen”. The third screen, when the phone is screen faced down will show strips that will contain colours that will tell you what it’s doing. You can set a colour to contacts so you can see who is calling according to colour. Developers haven’t jumped onto the third screen bandwagon with nothing being implemented.

The S6 has also been criticized as a “visual copy” of the new iPhone, of which was made to rival the iPhone 6. What do you think? Do you have one? How do you like it? Comment below.

Well that’s it. We hope you enjoyed another instalment of Technology News. Windows 10 Build has now moved to 10061 on Fast Ring. Check out our Windows 10 Page on all things Windows 10 and our latest review of Build 10061.