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Technology News February 2015

Technology News

Welcome to another instalment of Technology News 2015.


Microsoft have officially announced the ceasing of manufacturing Windows RT devices, allowing the Windows 10 brand flourish through to becoming the 1 seamless experience. What does this mean for current RT devices holders? Hard to say at this stage. Microsoft have made comments in helping RT devices move to Windows 10 but it will not make sense trying to.

Windows RT was made for devices like tablets to help bring costs down and battery life up. Using the ARM Processor rather an Intel x86 was the biggest change in comparison. Without confusing you with the technicals, the common issue was the fact that you can’t run “Desktop” apps on them, or in other words, you can only really use Windows Store apps on them. Despite all the work around’s, RT did not help any situation and it is a good move to abandon it. So what if you are a RT owner? Well, lets see what Microsoft do for RT and Windows 10 but you may wanna take the Apple user “Upgrade Frequently” road and upgrade to a device with Intel.

Microsoft have been improving Office for iOS and Android devices. Office has been gaining popularity on the competitors forefront.

Windows 10 is still undergoing its building phase with the Windows Team and members of the Insider Program. Check out our Video Review of the builds after this read.

Windows 10 for Windows Phone is now being given to the public (slowly) to demo its new features and styles. We shall have more on that once we get our hands on the update.


iOS 8 has gained more users after it was updated to 8.1.3.

iOS 8 has not hit it off with Apple users with the major flooding of bugs with each update from 8.0. 8.0.1 was introduced to help deal with 8.0 bugs but was cancelled due to more bugs that plagued it. They shifted to 8.0.2, of which did a lot better job but did not make things as great or fixed as they wanted. 8.1 was released to give some enhancements and bug fixes but not long after, 8.1.2 emerged.

It is safe to say that the users whom didn’t adopt iOS 8, sticking with 7, felt more secure and reliable on 7 to do its job more so than 8. With 8.1.3 coming with huge fixes on bugs and allowing people to actually install the upgrade — Due to iOS 8 needing over 5GB of storage to run the install — allowed 8 to bloom into a more usable OS.

Nevertheless, iOS 8 should see even more adoption with the latest update coming soon, 8.2. This will bring the Health Check Features to work with your devices, namely, iWatch, plus becoming the Bug Destroyer that has been plaguing 8 as mentioned before. It should also bring stability to itself and other apps.

The iOS Updates are not over, we are now seeing reports of iOS 9 in the works and will announce it in June at the Developers Conference. It is said to surpass and destroy iOS 8 and hopefully see immediate adoptions that iOS 8 failed to do.

The biggest question is, will they cut support for the “older” devices like iOS 8 did to iPhone 4 or less, iPod and original iPad? Doing this, forces the Apple brand lovers to take on the “upgrade every year” scheme, pushing you away from using old, inferior product to make way for up to date devices. So all you older Apple device users, welcome to the latest devices!

Finally, the Apple Event.

On March 9th, we will be seeing all the newest features and devices coming from Apple, including details on the iWatch, potential news on new MacBook/s, iPod’s, iPad’s, Apple TV etc, plus the strangest thing of all, the rumoured “Apple Electric Car”.

We will be reviewing this event upon its completion so check back on our website to read about the details.


Not much this time we’re afraid. Various companies have been bringing out or announcing new line-ups of Android models. Unfortunately these new models don’t jump out of the page as big news. If you are a fan of the brand of phone eg Sony, please search for the latest information or request it in the comments below and we will create a segment.

That’s it for now. Catch us next time for Technology News March 2015!

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