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Windows 7/Office 2010 Notice

This is a quick reminder.

As of January 13th 2015, Windows 7 has transitioned away from its Mainstream Support. Office 2010 will also do this on October 13th 2015. Security updates and extended (Paid) support is still available by Microsoft until 2020. We do continue the support of Windows 7 and Office 2010, but we do recommend moving to Windows 8.1 or make plans to move to Windows 10 later this year upon its release.

You can no longer purchase Office 2010 via a proper means and recommend moving to Office 2013 or take on Office 365 subscription.

You can discuss upgrading with us and this will ensure you can have a great, safe user experience. Windows 7 will slowly begin to phase out of proper purchase support from Microsoft & its Vendors. If you wish to continue to use Windows 7 over 8/10, please keep your Windows 7 Installations (Disk/Digital/System Refresh) safe along with your Product Keys.

For the first year of Windows 10, you can upgrade to it for free from 7 & 8.1. All Windows Phone users will be informed on their phone via notification of your upgrade to Windows 10 when it is made available. With continued work by the Windows Team and the Insider Program, we should see a great new experience from your Windows Product to fight the unfortunate hate of Windows 8. We do recommend having a decent go of Windows 8 in the mean time before passing judgement as it will be your priority 1 goto Operating System from Windows 7 if you feel it is too risky to jump to a very new System when Windows 10 comes out. 2020 is a long way away but just like Christmas Shopping, the longer you hold it off, the harder it will be.

Call now to get more info and advise.