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Technology News November 2014

Technology News

Hello everyone!

We are back with some more Techno Info for October-November.


Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is gaining market share as many are slowly moving to the new Operating System. Windows 7 is still the most used OS to date but as it loses Mainstream Support next year around April, the change should be considered as soon as possible, especially for business.

Windows 10

Windows 10 Preview Build is going smoothly, the latest updates have been claimed to be in the 7000 mark, all minor changes with a few major changes and added features such as the “Action Centre” as seen on Windows Phone 8.1, which shows you different notifications in a window you can access from the bottom right taskbar icons.

See our Windows 10 Preview to see what you think about it.

Another feature being talked about is the touchpad gesture. Microsoft are bringing more touch gestures to help with quick multitasking. Windows 8 has already done well to bring some great gestures, but now Microsoft want to follow the gesture path like Apple by allow things like, 3 Finger Swipe, which when swiping in a up or down direction, will minimize/maximize currently opened windows, or if you have the windows up, you can go up again and view the new Task Manager.

Check out the new Gesture from the EURO Keynote 2014, then pop on back to continue the Tech News… Or if you ain’t interested, that’s ok, we can continue.


Microsoft have announced that they will try to enter the SmartWatch Race for their second time. (They attempted to bring the Microsoft SPOT back in 2004)

Microsoft feels that it’s time to enter the smartwatch sector, according to a Forbes report. MS is expected to launch a smartwatch in the next couple of weeks that will have health-tracking capabilities, including a heart-rate monitor.

The device will reportedly be capable of syncing with devices such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems, and of course Windows Phone, and last more than two days with regular use. The gadget is expected to be available to consumers by the end of the year, but as usual, it is for America release with no word if it will be a world-wide release or in stages.

We will bring you more as it develops.



Looks like Apple’s SmartWatch won’t being released until next year. It is looking like Apple want to bring it out before Valentines Day. Maybe a Nice banded Apple Watch for your Mr or Mrs?

iOS 8

iOS 8 has slowly climbed the ladder of user usage. The amount of iOS 8 users has reached around 52%. Apple feels this shows strong sales and progress with their brand. Apple Pay is still staggering along in usage.


That was our quick wrap up of what’s going on in the Technology World. Stay tuned for more news throughout the month.

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