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Technology News December 2014

Technology News


(Christmas Edition)

Hey folks, and welcome to this months run down on news updates on the Tech Companies for the final time of Technology News 2014. It’s been an incredible year.


This year has been very up and down for Microsoft but have been coming out strong near the end.


Windows 8.1 has been growing strong over the last few months as people start to push more from XP or Windows 7. Moving off XP is still a slow process that some home users and even business still run. We urge you as a business the most, please progress to a new Operating System, even if it’s Windows 7. Remember that Windows 7 will end up the same as XP in a few years so consider looking to the future of Windows 8.1 or 10.

Windows 10 Technical Preview as been going strong as Microsoft slowly add more and more features aswell as refine others. The expected release still looks to be Spring 2015 but its predicted that we will get a definite answer at the upcoming Microsoft Developer Event in April 2015.

Win-Beta got the privilege of reviewing a pre-pre-release (Yes we said it twice) of the integration of Cortana into the PC world. This release has not been given to the Tech Previewers yet (hence the double “pre”). As it is very new, it does have many bugs to stamp out (or put outside for those animal lovers). Watch the video below.

Cortana has had many high praises on the Windows Phone Platform. We feel she is still the number one assistant and we’re not the only ones.

Microsoft are building the new Office, for the moment, the build number is 16 (Office 15 is also called Office 2013). It should take on the “metro style” User Interface to compliment touch, but still have full functionality as the desktop by including a desktop version.

Windows Phone has picked up a little bit on users but still very behind, especially since other countries like ours don’t get the full support and advertisement the US get. Windows Phone has a strong UI and capabilities but lacks app support from many major and minor popular, productive and useful companies and developers. Indeed Windows Phone does not have the huge range of useless apps that will be used once or twice then never used again that Developers have done on iPhone and Android, but useful apps like banking apps or entertainment/food apps like Foxtel or the new app ordering system from McDonalds, Accounting, EFTPOS apps from companies such as MYOB, no support. NFC and Microsoft Wallet, with other cards like discount coupons, club cards etc, were all on the Windows Phone before or better than iPhone and Android and there is ZERO support to make Tap payments or use other card types that the wallet provides in Australia. Does it mean we should not buy Windows Phones, most certainly not, Samsung has more features than you can poke a stick at but iPhone is still a strong platform. The difference is, Apple have caught up but Windows Phone has not. The biggest issue faced with Windows Phone left in the back burner was the misinformed hate of Windows 8 and so the biggest platform of Microsoft needed to be saved first.

Windows Phone will have its day as Microsoft start to bring each Device as ONE. Windows Phone 10 (still being dubbed as simply “Windows 10”) will be shown next year and should pivot itself and start gaining support it needs, not just in the US, but hopefully the World. The syncing and integration plus Cortana will make next year a very exciting year for Microsoft users, home or office.


Apple has had quite a year with many updates, upgrades and new stuff. OSX 10.10: “Yosemite”, iOS 8, iWatch, updated specs of various iMacs/MacBook’s, iPad and iPhone. Apple has made many fans happy with what they have achieved, iPhone 6 being very popular. Apple have run out of things to add to our news so lets see what Apple brings to the table in 2015.


Google have been destroying the tech world with superior products and services. Google has had a great year with all its new improvements.

The new exciting thing for Google fans is the new Android OS dubbed “Lollipop” or Android 5.0. CNET has done an article about it, so have a read.

The 2014 Final Rankings

(based on various sites, site comments, surveys, CPKN Computers surveys, questions, posts, clients [Not an Official Verdict])


1. Google

2. Apple

3. Microsoft

Based on the various sources, what people talk about, blog, share, use, Google has taken 1st place. Many people have combined the Android devices and services with Windows & Chrome to make their experience a top notch one. Google has the best search engine and maps and Chrome is considered as the fastest, easiest to use Internet Browser.

Our Rankings

1. Google

2. Microsoft

3. Apple

Despite our support on a business level and being an IT Support Business, we do not have a favourite, we support them equally, on a personal level however, most of us have grown to love all things Microsoft (except Xbox One) and use Windows 8.1, Windows Phone and Microsoft Services (but use Google as the search engine). Through our survey’s, Q & A, research, support and clients we have met, Our rankings conclude that people were using Google services and devices more than Microsoft and Apple. When it came to computing, Businesses were using Windows more than any other platform. More home users supporting Windows than other platforms with Apple second. When it came to Services however, Google took the rankings for email, cloud storage, search engine, internet browser. Finally, the reason why Google took 1st was the mobile devices. Many use Android phones, mainly Samsung or Sony in combination with the Watches. Some use Android Tablets but the biggest user base is indeed Apple and the iPad.


1. Microsoft

2. Apple

3. Google

When it comes to productivity, there isn’t close calls between the Tech Giants. Students, office/businesses and home users have always relied on Microsoft Office as their goto. Bigger business take advantage of Office services when it comes to emails but home/small business rely on what they like, and that’s Google. On a business level, sticking with Microsoft in all areas is best. Students are fine to combine the different services but would take more advantage if using Microsoft services, such as OneDrive and Outlook. Combine those with a Desktop and/or Laptop or Tablet running Windows 8.1, you will be smashing out business and student level workloads.

Apple came in second due to its compatibility with Microsoft Services, then combining its own device sync features that is more refined than Microsoft, makes it a tough candidate but the compatibility has its limits and other 3rd party apps that Windows Systems provide make it difficult for Apple to sit close behind, equal or exceed MS in Productivity.

Google have their own Office Suite, but despite some nice features, it is not even a shadow to MS Office. Google tried to take the clean sweep in every aspect of Technology but cannot beat Microsoft and the Office Suite. Microsoft have made there superiority known by allowing all platforms access to Office one way or another.

When it comes to Audio/Visual, despite Windows based PC’s have far more power and Developers learning from Apple and creating fantastic Editing/Creating/Playing software, Apple still takes the cake. iTunes is the most popular media player and the editing software remains feature full and stable.


1. Microsoft

2. Google

3. Apple

Yet another aspect that Microsoft have way in the lead. Microsoft have the PC Gamer, Xbox plus Tablet Fun and (despite its app lackluster) Windows Phone. Gaming Power of the PC, especially if you go Custom, compatibility and building techniques play a large role over Mac. Then Xbox plays PC games in the living room where Apple and Google lack. In mobile devices however, Apple and Google smash Microsoft. Now why does Google go above Apple? Due to Sony. Sony has utilized the building aspect of apps to create the Playstation App (which Apple has also) but Sony has gone one better, and thanks to Google, it is allowed to be, and that’s playing Playstation 1 games on your Xperia Device and the Z3 will allow Remote Play. So in an indirect way, Google have entered the Home Entertainment Sector. The other reason why Google beats Apple, is due to the open for business ability Google Play Store has. Apple refine and restrict crappy apps and only allow good, popular apps through. Windows Phone is half/half but Google is very open, meaning, more games can be developed.. Overall, Microsoft being in every aspect of gaming and most being the most popular platform and most powerful, Microsoft cannot be beat in the Gaming World.

Thats it folks! 2014 is almost gone and 2015 is almost here. Let’s see what comes from it. Massive line-ups of events coming round again. Microsoft Events, Apple Events, E3, Gamescom, Comic-con and much more.

Windows 10, Windows 10 Phones, most likely new OSX and iOS with iPhone 7 and many new Android OS’s with Samsung of course keeping the yearly trend with Apple, bringing Galaxy S6 for people again to be made to upgrade in all its love by fans.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please be safe during the holiday’s. Please comment below your thoughts on Technology of 2014 and what you think is ranked where using the system above.

We shall see you next year for Technology News January 2015! Giving you the scoop of what’s to come in 2015.

Cheers Everyone.