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Technology News September 2014

Technology News

Lets get into this months Technology News, September 2014.


Microsoft have updated OneDrive for Android users to bring more support to business that use Android Devices.

If you are users like us that have multiple devices running Skype, we endure the annoyance of notifications popping up on every device every time. This is about to end with Microsoft’s new update dubbed “Active Endpoint”. What this will do is send the new notification to all devices so that when you pickup and use 1 of your devices, all other devices become “inactive”, that way you won’t get pop-ups and sounds blaring from your devices even though you are actively in the conversation. Once you stop for an X amount of time, you will be notified again on all devices so you can get right back into the action. But if you move devices during the current active mode, don’t worry, Skype still continues to sync your conversations so you will never miss a beat. All voice/video calls will be sent to all devices so you can still choose what device you wanna talk on.

Microsoft are preparing a “Technology Preview” of the new Windows codenamed “Threshold”. It is still unclear if its a Windows 8.2 update or being named Windows 9. It is aimed to come out late September – early October. The “update” is rumoured to bring big changes such as, a mini Start Menu, this will bring back the start menu but with a tile style twist to keep its theming to the Windows Element “Tiling”. This will hopefully be for just Desktop users with no touchscreen as it will become a Flip-Flop complaint for those whom enjoy using touch and have harder navigation through fingers.

Windows Store “Metro” apps will become usable on the Desktop and can be windowed rather full screen only. Charms will be removed & Cortana just may make her debut to computers to help assist you on many tasks of which would be able to cross to other devices such as your Windows Phone. Microsoft have voice control but its not nearly as advanced as Cortana is and will be.

Only time will tell for more information on the upcoming……. Well lets call it Windows 9, which personally, its a bad move when Windows Phone just caught up to match the version number.


Apple is pushing hard on “wearable” iDevices and may debut prototypes with the new iPhone 6, which is set to have a showcase on September 9th.

iPhone 6 will be shown on September 9th but with very little to show for it. Rumors continue to run around the web but its unclear what Apple will bring to the table now that Android devices such as Samsung S# continue to innovate with each growth and bring better and new exciting features. It is said that I NFC will come to 6 and bring phone PayWave payments.

Mixed feelings are still apparent with OSX 10.10 (Yosemite). Main issues that also plague Windows is “looks”.

iOS 8 seems to have missed the par for many users after the “dull” feelings people had with iOS 7. 8 is to bring matching or altered features to be on par with any Android or Windows Phone features that are popular.

iCloud was recently hacked, aiming at celebs. It is said that nude and pornographic images and personal data was accessed from various celebs and “normal” users. Please make sure your passwords are strong, and use 2-step Authorization where possible. You can read our article about passwords and hacking here.


Android is holding steady as a popular Operating System to have on a Mobile Phone Device. Samsung still leads the way in popularity and is bring the Galaxy Note to 4 and focusing on wearable devices.

Sony has teased consumers to a 4th of September reveal for Xperia which will most likely showcase the Z3, Z3 Compact & Z3 Tablet.

Google is now moving forward from Google Glass by enhancing the technology to become contact lens that will help take photo’s and help the vision impaired cross roads. This idea will be good to bring Augmented Reality to everyday objects.

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Have a great September and we will bring you more on the reveals coming throughout September.