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Word on the street says Microsoft are planning to release a tech preview on the new Windows OS or Update, codenamed “Threshold” around September or October.

Windows OS

Rumors around the web are everywhere and running wild with what it really is. Some say its Windows 8.1 Update 2, some say Windows 8.2, but mainly, everyone thinks it’s Windows 9.

Despite what it will be called, it is suppose to bring more Desktop User friendly features of which we think is a farce.

A lot of the continued complaints do not have any merit. Windows 8.1 brought workarounds and fixes to make it easier to use, so easy in fact, the complaints have lost their fire and makes users who complain sound like spoilt brats.

The common issue is a “Start Screen” rather a “Start Menu”, you can take that as just a full screen menu?

Nevertheless, the upcoming update will continue the style of Windows 8 but inside the old Start Menu.

Another rumour that techies will love is “Virtual Desktops”, of which how exactly it will work is still unknown.

We believe its too early calling it a “Windows 9” OS due to the fact they are trying to streamline the branding of Windows and Windows Phone. Its only recently that Windows Phone 8.1 is being rolled out and then finding yourself having Windows 9 would make you sound incompetent.

Windows Phone has picked up in some markets around the world and with the new updates and handsets being released, could finally hit it off.

Windows Phone needs to be shown better like Apple and Samsung show their respective devices. Without better structured advertising, it makes it difficult to pick up. The other issue is the focus market (mainly US and China) instead of driving into other countries head on.

Windows Phone

Aside from reading about Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft have also brought out the beta to “Live Lockscreen” which allows a more dynamic look to your lock screen with moving part and other fancy nick knacks. As it is only in beta, expect more styles and features to come.


Microsoft have released a set of video’s to take on the Apple MacBook Air and the iPad by showing just what a Surface can do so much better than it’s competitors.

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