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Update: Microsoft Acknowledge Cortana in other Countries

From our last post, we discussed the fact that Cortana won’t be coming to Australia, among the many other countries (Japan, Canada [English], India, Brazil and Mexico) at Launch on July 29th.

Amazingly, Microsoft finally acknowledged Cortana not in Major Countries with a Video:

Despite the fact it doesn’t mean Australia will see Cortana at Launch, it shows they are taking their time with each market to bring the best experience related to that country.

An example in the video, when Microsoft was preparing to launch Cortana in Italy, the company interviewed locals and realized they disliked jokes about Italian scooters, so they decided to make sure there were no jokes that references scooters in Italy.

Same goes for Cortana in Japan. She will bow in the Japanese version out of respect for their formal culture.

Cortana has been in Alpha for quite some time and it appeared that nothing more has been done and was looking grim that we would see anything anytime soon. This video removes all doubts that we have been left in the cold again.

Insiders will be able to test Cortana in their countries later this year which could mean Cortana not being released properly until December or early next year.

We do hope that it won’t take long to see Cortana in consumer hands as she is a great asset during your computer sessions.

Knowing Cortana is being tailored to each countries culture wants & needs, what ideas do you have on the personality, knowledge, or even the voice of Cortana? Comment below!