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Microsoft Event October 2016

Microsoft Event October 2016

The anticipation on what Microsoft will unveil continues to grow as the rumors continue to flare.

We will be covering the event that starts at 1am 27th October AEST.

Rumors & What we should Expect

Here is a list of what we may see if the rumors are true:

  • Surface Pro 5
  • Surface Book 2
  • Microsoft Band 3
  • Surface AIO’s
  • Surface Phone
  • Nokia Phones
  • HoloLens Update
  • Windows 10 Update

What everyone seems certain of at least is the Surface All-in-One’s.

Speculation is that Microsoft plan to abandon Windows Mobile 10, which lies in the fact they are discontinuing the Lumia range from December.
Microsoft do insist that Windows Mobile 10 is very much alive and kicking but just wanna focus on the Computer version first before making Windows Mobile 10 better.

Many ideas have come out, including your phone helping you log in via their Windows Hello System, however, Windows Mobile 10 wasn’t the only platform they plan to allow this, mentioning Google and Apple devices.

With the success of the Surface Hub, alongside the Pro and Book, it makes sense that Microsoft would want to have All-in-Ones in the mix.

We covered in Technology News September 2016 the rumoured AIO setups, which include a range of sizes and hardware variations.

Only time will tell as to what Microsoft have in store for us.

Re-watch the event using the link above and/or read our recap below.

Let’s Recap

The event started with a video on how Windows has changed over the years and helping people, no matter the situation.

One example shown was the ability to be able to use a Windows 10 device, even when blind by utilizing the Narration Tool.

Terry Myerson walked on stage to talk about Windows 10 Mission.

Microsoft Mission

Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Terry talked about the users and creators that have been inspired by Windows 10 and excited to see over 400 Million users of the companies latest software spanning over PC, Mobile and Xbox One. Microsoft’s target for 1 Billion users has become a tall order to make, but with the hopes of a ever growing service, they want to excite users to join Windows 10, including the hardest people to budge, Business.

Terry then announced the first update for the event.

Windows 10 Creators Update – Coming Early 2017

The 3 big parts to the new update are:

  1. 3D & Mixed Reality
  2. Gaming in 4K & Broadcasting
  3. Social Connection to your closest people in your lives

3D & Mixed Reality

Terry talked about how we all have come from a 2D environment, whether it be writing emails, documents or presentations. He then talked about how the current generation are growing up with 3D right from the get go.

Megan Saunders – of the Experiences Department at Microsoft, came to the stage to discuss 3D for everyone.

Microsoft surveyed customers and found that 12-24 year olds were more about creativity then previous generations, this inspired Microsoft to work on bringing creation to not only this generation, but future generations.

Megan demoed how you can bring real world objects into the 3D environment with the use of your camera and a 360 degree scan.

Once the object is scanned, you will then be able to implement it into your 3D environment.
To do this, Microsoft have updated MS Paint to the new Paint 3D.

Megan showed how to use Paint 3D to implement 2D and 3D into one amazing scene.
Included was the new website Microsoft have built called, which is a community based site where you can share and discover 3D.

Microsoft integrated the website into Paint 3D so you have easier access to all the content you wanted. The site can be integrated into any 3D App.

3D isn’t just in Paint, 3D is also being implemented to Microsoft Office.
A demo given showed how you can place 3D objects into a PowerPoint presentation that can be manipulated like everything else.

Megan also showed off 3D with HoloLens:

Then the surprising, yet not so much so surprising news, Microsoft decided to jump onto the VR bandwagon to bring “Affordable, quality 3D experiences” with “Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or anything in between.”

Microsoft Event October 2016

2. Gaming

Terry returned to the stage to introduce what Microsoft have in store for Xbox One and Windows Gaming.

The only thing the company has done is implement their own Broadcasting services for Xbox and Windows PC so you can share your game experience with others without needing expensive software or knowledge of streaming.

This service type has been on PlayStation 4 for some time, but implementing 3rd Party Services like YouTube or Twitch. Microsoft want to bring a better, easier experience across their Platforms to compete with the other services.

3. Social

Allison O’Mahony was introduced on stage to demo how Microsoft wants to bring the people you care about most, to the centre of your Windows 10 Experience.

The Windows 10 Creators Update will bring Taskbar Icons of the people you want which will enable you to have quicker access to communication and connection.

You can Drag and Drop to Share content without having to make extra steps to get the share ability. You can also chat via Instant Messaging from all forms of Apps like Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp etc. (where supported)
They also seem to be ready to re-instate the SMS read and reply feature that was removed with the Anniversary Update.

Your inner circle will also follow you with all sharing experiences by allowing them to be a place to share too when the options list shows up.

That was a quick overview of Windows 10 Creators Update.

Watch the Keynote Video from Microsoft to get even more details on the Update and get a better visual for yourself.


Terry brought Panos Panay – head of Windows Devices, to the stage who began the next announcements with the Surface Book.

Simply put, Microsoft made the high end Surface Book even better and more powerful by adding extra battery, better Graphics and a 6th Generation Intel i7.

All other specs seem to be the same.

(YouTube Video Deleted)

The main attraction, the new toy, the one of the many expected to be announced came next.

Surface Studio


(YouTube Video Deleted)

This device is one of the greatest All-in-Ones we have ever seen!

Just by watching the video, you might just get tingles down your spine.
The Surface Studio is a desktop PC aimed squarely at artists and designers. At just 13 mm thick, Microsoft calls the Surface Studio’s 3:2 ratio display the thinnest LCD computer monitor ever built.

With a “zero-gravity hinge,” the monitor is designed to fold down to a 20-degree angle on your desk.
The device is definitely optimized to take full advantage of the new Creators Update.

The display also features “True Scale,” which is aimed at offering designers a real-size, “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” view of their images and creations.

Accompanying the Surface Studio is a haptic accessory called the Surface Dial. It looks like a tall ice hockey puck and sits beside your keyboard for fine contextual controls in whatever program you’re using.
HOWEVER, it can be directly put onto the screen to create your own rotary selector dial.
As soon as you place it on the screen, the device detects it and puts up controls around the dial which you can then rotate the dial to select or manipulate as you desire.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to shell out an additional $$$ for that Surface Dial as it is sold separately. Why it is separate, it has a reason – it’ll work with the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4.

The Surface Studio packs a sixth-gen Intel i5/i7 Core processor, a 4GB Nvidia GeForce GPU, up to 32GB of RAM and a 2TB hard drive. It has a dedicated power cable, ports include 4 USB 3.0 jacks, a Mini DisplayPort, an SD card slot and an Ethernet port.

What did a No Show

Everyone expected to see a new Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2, Surface Phone and Microsoft Band 3.

While we saw something new for the Surface Book, it was disappointing not to see the other rumors come true.

A big anticipation was indeed the Surface Phone, boasting the rumors of super powerful hardware and storage that would blow your mind.

While the presentation mentioned Windows Phone ever so slightly, it is still a question of whether Microsoft wants to abandon their phone hardware and OS completely.

The only way to see WM10 gain popularity is closing the App Gap, making sure the mainstream apps work super good, and if possible, better than iOS and Android, then awesome, innovative hardware.

WM10 has the security of Apple and sits closer to freedoms of Android – as in, Microsoft don’t want to dip their fingers in deeply like Apple do. Android (for now) is the superior Mobile OS, but at a huge cost of Security and Integrity.