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Samsung Galaxy Note7 Total Recall Update

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Total Recall Update

As the Samsung debacle continues to unfold, people are sending photo’s to the press or posting on social media, their experience just after the horrifying moment their phone went up in flames.

When we posted our article yesterday, Samsung Australia indicated that they would be recalling over 50,000 units in Australia. Now, at a press conference, Samsung’s President of Mobile Communication, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd – Koh Dong-Jin, announced the over 2 million worldwide recall of the phone and is making sure courtesy phones are ready for customers or full refunds. They are also planning to send out $25 Gift Cards to the affected customers.

A YouTuber by the name of Ariel Gonzalez, posted a video – about a week ago, of the aftermath:

[I] Came home after work, put it to charge for a little bit before I had class, and, I went to put it on my waist, and, it caught fire.

The video explains.

It didn’t take long to start taking the piss out of the event. 9GAG’s twitter threw a hit:

Over 35 cases were reported with investigations underway.

People are blaming the neglect of quality control on the attempts to throw out a highly competitive phone before Apple’s Special Event tomorrow – of which the iPhone 7 is expected to be announced.

It’s believed that the South Korean company will take a $1 billion hit as a result of the recall. This number only represents the amount of money that Samsung could lose during the process of recollecting, repairing and redistributing the devices. It doesn’t take into account the decline in profit that it may experience from customers who request a refund and take their business elsewhere.

Blogging site reached out to the FAA to see if these phones would be banned from flights.

The FAA and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration are working on guidance related to this issue,”

An FAA spokesperson told Gizmodo over email.

We will continue to give you updates if anything new develops.

We urge you to be careful if you have one of these devices. Please get assistance straight away.


Samsung’s Note7 is ­history, with the Korean manufacturer announcing it had cancelled production of the phone.

It was reported that fans of the Company got replacement devices after the recall was initiated, suddenly surprised with even the replacements exploding.

In Taiwan, a woman was reportedly walking her dogs when she heard an explosion and felt heat coming from a replacement Note7 in her back pocket.

Many were ok getting a replacement, but it seems this new outcome has changed the tune.

Samsung will take a huge hit with this catastrophic disaster.