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Technology News September 2016

Technology News

Welcome to Technology News September 2016.


400 Million Users

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 has now hit 400 Million Devices.

Microsoft claim that the adoption rate is 115% faster than Windows 7’s adoption, but it isn’t enough to get Microsoft’s Original goal of 1 Billion by 2018.

NetMarketShare – as of August 2016, shows Windows 10 sitting at 22% Market Share, making it second in the OS Market Share, trailing behind Windows 7 (47%).

Windows 7, like XP before it, will likely stay high as the turnover for Businesses is not rapid. A good amount of Businesses are still, to this day, running XP, which is extremely risky.

Windows 10 hasn’t had a good start since release back in July 2015, with the Anniversary Update finally fixing many release bugs, but then bringing new bugs and glitches. HOWEVER, the over-reaction for said issues are inaccurate at best. A survey given shows 12% of users who upgraded to Windows 10, reverted back to their previous OS with a divided reason of either “hating” Windows 10 or because they had issues. There is still a wait on stats on the percentage of users that have experienced issues but the largest chunk of users, enjoy Windows 10, which is collected from Microsoft’s Windows 10 Question “How do you Rate Windows 10?”, among other survey’s. Let us not forget that Microsoft, like many companies, would likely stand down products that have a large amount of failure. Many companies, if not all, have a threshold of failure before they need to consider removing the product/service to sort it out. The over-reaction is making Windows 10 sound like 95% of people who get Windows 10, WILL have issues, WHICH ISN’T TRUE AT ALL!

Windows 10 is truly the best OS Microsoft have released. Like every company, especially Software based, who have so many variables, Windows 10 has some teething problems that need to be openly talked about and fixed, without the extreme negativity.

Let’s not forget that popular Software Companies like Google and Apple who also have bugs and issues that are up there with Windows 10, for example, Android Nougat causes a Boot Loop or even iOS 10 having many issues like Battery Drain Issues, WiFi Issues and even Bluetooth. Let’s not forget Windows 10’s direct competitor, MacOS also has its struggles that doesn’t cop as much flak as Windows 10.

Everyone had the chance to have a decent go of Windows 10 for 1 Year. 30 days is quite a good timeframe to make a well informed decision on what you want to do with Windows 10 and your opinion. However, it was amazing to meet many clients who based their dislike of Windows 10 from the ever expansive World Wide Web, rather than actually trying it for themselves – something that happened with Windows 8

We recommend finding a way to have a decent go of Windows 10 and make a informed decision rather than reading about it on the Internet.

Microsoft Event Rumors

Microsoft is expected to hold a Hardware Event late in October.

Rumors and apparent “leaks” have been spreading around the web, discussing what Microsoft will unveil.

Expected is the Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 5, Microsoft Band 3 and Surface Phone.

Another, more likely piece of hardware that is looking very likely, is the jump to the Desktop Market with a Surface All-in-One PC.

Surface All-in-One

The only thing about the All-in-One is the 2-3 variant sizes:

  • 21-inch at Full HD
  • 24-inch at 4K
  • 27-inch at 4K

This is according to sources Windows Central have.

The AIO could also finally bring Microsoft’s vision to life their concept “PixelSense”. Let’s hope.

Another potential feature that could show up is related to a patent reported about having a Modular PC.

Microsoft applied for the patent in July 2015, and it was published on February 11 2016.

It will allow a PC, such as the Surface AIO to have Modular components which can be removed and replaced with updated parts instead of buying a brand new computer.

Surface Book 2 | Surface Pro 5

Not much details have been given about what we will see. Speculations are upgraded specs and the Surface Book 2 should come with a redefined Hinge.

Consumers were worried about the gap the Surface Book Hinge had. Things like Dust collection or structural damage from squeezing, were among the complaints.

Surface Phone | Lumia is Over

A post from WinBeta talks about an anonymous MS Employee said Microsoft will stop the Lumia Range by December 2016.

It indeed does not mean Windows Mobile 10 is dead, it just means the Brand will be removed, likely replaced with the rumoured Surface Phone.

Lumia Devices by Nokia were acquired by Microsoft back in 2014.

Surface Phone has been the biggest talk of all. Everyone is wondering what Microsoft could bring to the table in October.

Rumored Specs include 2 variants of screen sizes – 5.5″ & 6″, 8GB RAM, 64GB Storage with up to 128GB via a variant or SD Card, new Qualcomm Snapdragon 830, 21MP Camera with 8MP Front Camera, USB-C and possibly a kickstand like the Surface Pro and a Foldable Keyboard? (which doesn’t makes sense VS the phone size, so we can only wait and see).

Another rumor that might not show up on any Device this year (but who knows) is a recent filing of a patent which gives devices a Fingerprint Scanner using the screen!

The patent explains:

“Fingerprint detection is achieved through a transparent cover of the electronic device. The transparent cover, such as a cover glass layer (or cover glass), may define the external surface of a display module of the electronic device. The transparent cover is also an integral component of the fingerprint sensor. The transparent cover may guide light used to illuminate ridges of the finger in contact with the transparent cover. An image of the fingerprint may then be captured (or detected) using a filter (e.g., a filter layer) to selectively allow certain rays of the light scattered by the fingerprint ridges to reach a detector.”

This will certainly make Windows Hello very awesome when grouped with other Login Detection services like the Surface Pro 4 Facial Recognition and Iris Scanner of the Lumia 950/950XL range.

We will keep you up-to-date as more info flows through. We will be covering the Microsoft Event, so check back regularly for news on when and where the Event will take place.


Apple Event

Apple held their annual Hardware Announcement Event on September 8th, unveiling the Apple Watch Series 2 and the most anticipated/controversial device – iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 has had its Analog Audio Jack removed from the new series to make room for a thinner, lighter and better audio performing device.

Yes, hipsters these days have brought back the Record Player in an attempt to look cool, proclaiming that Vinyl has “the best” Audio Quality? Digital Audio allows for maximum audio quality no matter what. Now the new thing – “the 3.5mm Analog Signal has a much better quality than Digital”…??? No… it doesn’t. What Apple has done is remove the pointless old tech to focus on the new.


As done in the past, Apple have gone and milked money from everyone both indirectly and directly.

To encourage you to buy Wireless Beats or their own Wireless Earphones, they ensured that their Power Cable has no splitter, that way, if you want to use the new “Lightening Connected Earphones” – which are provided, or even the Lightening to Analog 3.5mm Adaptor – which is also provided, you cannot charge the phone AND listen at the same time. This means you will either have to wait and pay a hefty fee on an Apple 2-in-1 Adaptor or buy a 3rd Party Splitter, which Belkin just so happens to have available now. Otherwise, you may just need to spend more money on new Wireless Headphones.

Apart from the 7 Plus having duel cameras and little more performance, overall, not much has really changed or given the device a true WOW! factor.

We are not the only ones who think that. Going around the web, especially YouTube, you will find many parodies of the Apple Event and iPhone 7.

So the question is, “Should I Upgrade?”

The answer is no… If you want the latest and greatest and have the money for it, go ahead. Otherwise you will be fine with what you have, more so if you are in the 6 Series. If something were to change that gets you to buy a new phone, and you don’t wanna move to Android or even Windows Mobile, then you should definitely get the iPhone 7.

iPhone has a new scandal – dubbed #Hissgate.

Stephen Hackett of the 512 Pixels site say his iPhone 7 Plus has hissing fits. He says he was restoring his phone from iCloud when it started making sounds like a snake.

He posted a video to YouTube:

Others have also reported the strange sound, saying it seems to be coming after a heavy load of processing.

Apple have made no comment about it, happily replacing phones that do it.

If you have this issue, take your phone to an Apple Store or call Apple Care.

No service bug

Some users have found that after enabling and disabling airplane mode on their iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, they see a “no service” message in the upper left corner of the screen and are no longer able to connect to their Mobile Networks. Apple has acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix. If this happens to you in the meantime, power the phone off, remove the SIM, reinsert the SIM and turn the phone back on.

EarPod control malfunctions

A number of users have complained that the volume controls and action button on the Lightning EarPods stop working after a few minutes of being plugged in. Unplugging them and plugging them back in seems to resolve the issue, though sometimes only temporarily. The good news is that Apple has acknowledged the problem and it says a software fix is coming in an iOS 10 update.

iOS 10

As long as you’re not hoping for any truly innovative new features, Apple’s new iOS 10 software is a pretty nice update. It’s packed full of great new features, many of which iPhone and iPad users have been wanting for a long while.

Here are some examples of the new features you’ll find in iOS 10. You’ll also find tons of refinements and enhancements across the board. Nearly every Apple app has been updated with nifty new functionality.


Apple completely redesigned the lock screen experience in iOS 10. The phone will automatically wake itself right when you lift it up, and you’ll see all of your notifications on the main screen. A swipe to the right opens the redesigned widget panel, and a swipe to the left opens the camera.

You’ll notice that swipes to unlock the phone is missing, instead of swiping or – in the case of devices with Touch ID, simply touching the home button, iOS 10 gets you to press the home button to unlock your phone. If you liked the old unlock behaviour better, you can go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and restore the old touch-to-unlock feature.

Enhanced Notifications

Notifications are much more feature-rich in iOS 10. For example, supported apps let you 3D Touch a notification to interact with it without the need to actually open the app.

For example, press firmly on a notification from Messages and you’ll be able to reply right then and there, without having to open the Messages app.

Better Messages App

Apple’s Messages app got one of the biggest updates in all of iOS 10.

There are tons of new features like link previews, handwriting support and a new Digital Touch feature that comes over from the Apple Watch. There’s also a brand new Messages App Store that gives you access to free and paid iMessage extensions.

Examples include sticker packs, apps that integrate with full third-party apps, and even an app that lets you send someone money right from within Messages.

To check out the new Messages App Store, open any chat and tap the button to the left of the text input field. Then tap the App Store icon.

Honourable mentions to Siri and Control Centre.

Thanks to the popularity of Apple, iOS 10 issues will not be under the same kind of scrutiny as Windows 10 has, but like all software updates, it isn’t always rainbows.

Here is a list of issues that have been reported:

  1. iOS 10 Software Update Failed
  2. iOS 10 Stuck on Verifying Update
  3. iOS 10 Stuck on Slide to Upgrade Screen
  4. iOS 10 Stuck in Recovery Mode
  5. iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo During iOS 10 Update
  6. Failed to Activate iPhone
  7. iPhone Randomly Reboot After iOS 10 Update
  8. iOS 10 Bluetooth Issues
  9. iOS 10 Message Problems
  10. iOS 10 Wi-Fi Not Working
  11. iOS 10 App Crashes
  12. iOS 10 App Store Problems
  13. iOS 10 Safari Issues
  14. iOS 10 Battery Issues
  15. iOS 10 Mobile Data Issues
  16. iOS 10 Touch Screen Issues
  17. iPhone/iPad Won’t Turn On
  18. Touch ID Not Working on iOS 10
  19. Charging Problems on iOS 10 Devices
  20. Siri Issues on iOS 10
  21. iPhone Ringtone Not Working Problem in iOS 10
  22. iPhone Won’t Send or Receive Calls
  23. iTunes Error 14 When Installing iOS 10
  24. iPhone/iPad Software Update Server Could Not Be Contacted

You can get more details on each problem and solutions via iMobie.

For more on the Apple Event, check out our Post.


Android 7, AKA Nougat is rolling out, but as always, unless you have a Google Phone like the Nexus, you will likely be waiting for the update.

Android Nougat had mostly been given a performance upgrade rather packing new features.

Get more info by visiting our Google I/O post.

Samsung has darn gone messed up.

In an attempt to launch the Galaxy Note 7 before iPhone 7, Samsung demanded manufacturing of their new smartphone to be hastened. But what came next was absolutely crazy… THEY EXPLODE!

We covered this problem back at the start of September and it still lingers on today.

All Note 7’s were recalled to rectify this massive issue that plagues the phone.

Technology News September 2016

Google will be holding a Hardware Event on October 4th (5th AEST) to launch their new line-up.

No details of the event have been made, but rumors are always floating around including the Pixel Brand of phones and new Home Gear.

All Google have to offer for the Event is a Webpage saying the Date, a silhouette of a Phone with pictures and asking for your email.

We will be covering the Event when it happens, so stay tuned.

Thats it from us.

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