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Scammers Using Ransomware

Scammers Using Ransomware

Malwarebytes Labs has reported a new form of way Scammers are attacking users, this time using Ransomware.

Ransomware is a type of Malware that encrypts your data and demands money to give you the decryption code, which normally ends up false and you are left out of pocket and your data gone forever.

MBL was made aware by @TheWack0lian of the following tweet:

Many people have commented this Ransomware to be a joke Malware made to be a pest, however MBL analysed the Malware and found that it is quite possible to be an active Malware, dubbed “Vindows Locker”.

The ransom note tells you to call “Microsoft vindows support” and pay $349.99, presumably USD.

this not microsoft vindows support
we have locked your files with the zeus virus
do one thing and call level 5 microsoft support technician at
you will files back for a one time charge of $349.99

Scammers Using Ransomware
Image from Malwarebytes Lab

If you call the number, you will be connected to “tech support” (AKA, the scammers) impersonating Microsoft. They have no intention of decrypting your files, simply walking away with your money.

MBL did manage to break down the malware and get a way to get a decryption generator.

If you get any strange emails, pop-ups, phone calls, just ignore and get support. Write down as much details as possible like URL’s, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Names, Voice Descriptions, anything that can help shut down the scam.

Get Support with a Scam