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Windows 10 Creators Update Rumored for April Release

Microsoft Event October 2016

Back in October of 2016, Microsoft introduced the Windows 10 Creators Update which  was formally named Redstone 2.

Windows 10 CU was announced as a “Early 2017 Release”, but then rumors all over the web suggested the final Version number as 1703.

So as you might of noticed, those numbers seem to look like they relate to something specific, and you might be right!
Version numbers are suppose to indicate the Year and Month of release. So the rumors stated March 2017. HOWEVER, as we saw with the Anniversary Update, they were hoping for July for release, hence the 1607 Version Number, but it was released in August.

But now, a report came in from MSPU that the new Version code is 1704, indicating an April release.

MSPU sources say that the Update will have the same gradual rollout that the AU had. Of course, if you do not want to wait, you should be able to install it manually.

Microsoft is in the process of finalizing everything up for the Creators Update release. The Creators Update is expected to be “feature locked” by mid to late January which means all features that were put into the Insiders Preview Builds will mostly, if not all – be present in the final build, making any new features they didn’t put in yet, get put on the shelf for a later update, likely in Redstone 3.
That certainly doesn’t mean that the update is “complete”. Microsoft will be working on polishing the new features and fixing bugs before the release as priority one.

What’s disappointing is what Insiders of Windows Mobile 10 have been saying about Redstone 2 for Windows Mobile 10.

So far, there isn’t much significant new features added as of yet.

Features like split multitasking/snap, artist photo on lock screen, tab syncing on Edge, networking support on File Explorer and some others being requested for a long time, have no signs of being implemented.

With that, it looks like Redstone 2 won’t show up at the same time as Windows 10 Creators Update, unless Microsoft reveal their new Phone Range at CES 2017, then it would hurt them more if they don’t release phones with RS2.

Microsoft introduced many a thing back in October, including the Windows 10 Creators Update, which used to be dubbed Redstone 2.

Three Big Key Features in the Creators update are:

  1. 3D & Mixed Reality
  2. Gaming in 4K & Broadcasting
  3. Social Connection to your closest people in your lives

Included in Gaming is a rumoured performance enhancement called “Gaming Mode”. Gaming Mode will manipulate your Hardware to performance at maximum for games over anything else.