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Technology News January 2017

Technology News

Hello everyone.

Here we are! 2017! It was a harsh 2016 with lots of negative situations happening.

Let us look forward to 2017. Microsoft will be soon releasing the Creators Update. Apple should hopefully be bringing new hardware, including the anticipated iPhone 8. VR is taking the world by storm. So much to look forward to.

It has only been one month, but already we have seen new things.

CES 2017

CES 2017 was held January 5th – 8th. The biggest devices that were showcased were TV’s, TV’s, VR, TV’s and Auto-Cars.

TV’s have taken big strides in technological advancements, which have made your watching experiences even more interesting.

VR was also popular. Ever since Oculus Rift announced awesome VR, everyone in the tech world wants a piece of the cake. We saw Sony bring out PlayStation VR, Google Cardboard, now people like Huawei have their own, and unexpectedly, Microsoft and their VR side project to HoloLens. Not only that, but we saw accessories for VR also, to help you have more of an immersive experience.

Finally, Auto-Cars. Many different Car Manufactures came to CES to showcase their prototypes of Self-Driving Cars. Toyota’s Car is funky yet awesome!

Despite CES being more for the Media, Developers and Business, it is still cool to see what Tech Companies are bringing to the table in 2017 and beyond.

Check out Tech Radar’s Highlights of CES 2017 below and get more of CES 2017 from their dedicated webpage.


We are all still awaiting the Creators Update that is expected to be released in April.

What didn’t get announced at CES 2017 was the anticipated Surface Phone.
It seems the launch will be held back after some Patents were found in regards to a “Foldable/Flexible” Screen and On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner.

The Surface Phone has been dubbed to be a “Game Changer” in the Smartphone World.


On January 9th, 2007 – Steve Jobs announced the iPhone for the first time.

iPhone is officially 10 Years old!

iPhone by Apple had changed the world forever, making something that could help you communicate, combined with iPod, combined with PC-Class Internet features like Web Browsing and Email, in a convenient, compact device.

While Smartphones did already exist with the likes of Palm and Palm OS or Microsoft and Windows Mobile, they were more made for Business Users.

Microsoft were already rumoured to looking at a Consumer version of the Smartphone, but it was Apple that smashed it out in the end, delivering Apple a win to bring them back from the darkness that Microsoft had on them in the PC market.

Today, Apple is a household name when it comes to Smartphones.

While iPhone turns 10, and keeps Apple a float, MacOS and the Mac Hardware have not been so lucky.

The excitement of iPhone is not as big when it comes to new features on MacOS or the Mac Hardware. Even the iPad Pro has to climb.

But why?

Well the simple fact is, MacOS has had features installed, but it is becoming more and more dull. Microsoft have radically changed their OS through Windows 8/8.1, but despite the huge hate, it was transformed into Windows 10, which is fresh, feature rich and at launch, completely free without the Premium Hardware prices Apple use to pay for their OS, among things. The mistrust of Windows 8 did not allow Windows 10 to take a commanding lead right away, but as time has gone by, with users actually using it, whether it be from a older version or another OS, Windows 10 has climbed the ladder to a decent position that will soon dominate Windows 7.

Microsoft also brought out a game changer piece of Hardware that birthed the now known “2 in 1” devices – The Surface Pro.

The Surface Pro began damaging the Mac reputation by dominating in the Laptop and Tablet market, all at once.

It is now at the Surface Pro 4, and it has become a high favourite among consumers, that even Apple tried to compete with in their iPad Pro range, which didn’t really kick in.

Finally, Microsoft through in a Surface Book and recently, the Surface Studio Desktop Computer, all of which are making their mark.

Not many were happy with the changes on the latest Macbook. The Touchbar considered a silly gimmick, Battery Life issues, a Dongle epidemic that could easily change Apple from a Smartphone/PC Manufacturer to a Dongle Manufacturer that also make other stuff.

Can Apple turn things around in 2017? Of course they can. But how is the question…


Google’s I/O Conference 2017 has had its dates announced. The Conference will be held on May 17-19, 2017 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA.

A new Gmail Scam and Android Ransomware has been found this month, causing havoc here and there.

The Gmail Scam has been affecting Google users, even those who are tech savvy.
The scam attacks you by sending an email from someone you may know with an attachment that when you try to preview, sends you to the Google Account Login Page to sign in to view. The issue is, the Sign-in page you are on, it isn’t real. Once you “sign-in”, you are immediately breached and your Account is hijacked.

As for the Ransomware? It has only affected Russian Users, but worries of it being implemented elsewhere is going around.

The Ransomware cuts you off from your Android Device with a Page asking you to enter your Credit Card Details and pay them a significant amount to get your device back.

It will be interesting to see what 2017 brings to the table in the tech world.

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